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Whether you're going hunting, earning a scouting badge for solitude, or want to take unique photos, you definitely don't want to catch a cold and get sick during any of the activities. The Loden Standard warm blanket from the Carinthia brand will take care of comfort and thermal comfort on your trips! Thanks to this blanket, you will actually enjoy the long waits for the perfect moment!

How can I use the blanket?

Primarily, the Carinthia Loden Standard blanket serves as a hunting bag. If you need to sit with someone on a cold surface (wet bench, stone, grass), but you don't want to catch a cold, you can also use the blanket as a mat.

Quiet as a mouse

The outer side of the blanket contains loden. Loden is a fabric made of sheep's fleece, thanks to which you can be sure that your movements will not cause unnecessary noise and that no one will know about you when you are waiting for prey or hiding from the world.

Even low temperatures are no problem!

All hunters know this situation very well - they have to wait for several hours for their prey, and nature can sometimes make that waiting quite unpleasant. That's when the Carinthia Loden Standard blanket proves to be the perfect accessory, because it has G-LOFT technology, thanks to which you will still be warm and comfortable even at low temperatures and changeable weather.

Functional design

The blanket is equipped with a high-quality zipper that can be fastened/unfastened up to two-thirds of its length, making putting on/taking off smooth and easy. The blanket has two strong shoulder straps, which have high-quality polymer fastening buckles at their ends - even if you fall asleep, you won't fall out of the bag. The manufacturers also thought of your hands! You don't have to hide them inside the blanket, because it has a "sleeve" on its surface, in which you can warm your hands nicely and get them out with one simple movement!

But what about consistency?

Due to the features and size of the blanket, Carinthia managed to keep the weight of the product as low as possible. Even when traveling, the blanket will get in your way. All you have to do is roll it up, click it, and traveling won't be complicated at all.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • the blanket is very stackable
  • a blanket long enough for people of different heights
  • the outer side of the blanket contains soft loden - you will not produce excessive noise
  • the outside of the blanket is water-repellent
  • the inside of the blanket is made of fine warp knit
  • the blanket is equipped with shoulder straps with fastening buckles - you will not feel unpleasant pressure on your shoulders
  • it has a hook on the left side - the bag can be unzipped 2/3 from top to bottom
  • the front part of the blanket is equipped with a pocket - warming of the hands is ensured and mobility is not impeded
  • the blanket is primarily for one person, it can be used as a "seat cushion" for several people
  • suitable both for hunters and fishermen, but also for photographers and lovers of survival
  • thanks to the insulating layer, you will be warm even at low temperatures
  • the blanket is designed for the cold autumn and winter season
  • simple packing and easy moving from point A to point B
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