BOLLÉ® BANDIDO Safety Glasses with ESP lenses

The product is not available anymore

Safety glasses by the French Bolle Safety, a company with over 75 years of experience in the manufacture of glasses and goggles (sunglasses since 1936, safety glasses and masks since 1950 and ski goggles since 1960).

These safety glasses are made from a highly durable polycarbonate with black temples and a retainer. They copy the face and fit just great. The glasses feature an anti-scratch coating as well as UV protection and ESP technology.

UV protection surface coating is recommended when working outside, EN172 ensures protection from 99.99% of the sun's UV radiation.

Scratch-resistant coating functions as a shield enhancing the durability of lenses and prevents scratches. This increases the lenses' longevity, facilitates user comfort and averts scratching which would otherwise affect vision.

The ESP technology features an innovative coating to reduce glare and harmful effect of blue light.

ESP = Extra Sensory Perception.

This coating is patented and filters out 57% of blue light and 99.99% of UVA / UVB radiation. At the same time it provides a high degree of permeability and transmits 64% of visible light (for comparison - clear lenses filter out only 10% of blue light and transmit 10% of visible light).

Why protect eyes from blue light?

  • blue light is 10 times stronger than red light
  • blue light shines in all directions
  • blue light damages retina

Possible consequences:

  • decreased visual acuity
  • loss of contrast and depth
  • unpleasant sensations and glare
  • damage to eyes, headaches
  • blurry vision
  • partial or full blindness
  • Blue light wavelengths range from 380 to 480 nm.
  • ESP is great for both indoor and outdoor.

BOLLÉ® BANDIDO safety glasses offer the following features:

  • made from highly durable polycarbonate
  • anti-static glasses
  • panoramic view through sides
  • removable adjustable elastic retainer
  • 99.99% UV protection
  • patented ESP technology surface coating which filters out 57% of blue light and 99.99% of UVA / UVB radiation
  • anti-scratch protection

Supplied with an elastic adjustable sport retainer for secure fit.

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