Tasmanian Tiger® Tac Modular Pack 30 Vent Backpack
€  183.6
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Tasmanian Tiger® Tac Modular Pack 30 Vent Backpack

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Product code: 7577-040
EAN: 4013236174168
Warranty period: 2 years

The TT Tac Modular Pack 30 Vent has an internal organization and a durable laser-cut construction. The zipper of the main pocket itself provides a big advantage. You can open it around three sides. Thanks to this tilting lid, you get the possibility of extremely simple handling of the contents. In the interior there is a system for connecting various cases and pouches. This will ensure maximum clarity and order in the backpack. An elastic cord is located on the top of the lid. Allows you to attach a mat, jacket or similar items to the lid. There is also a small zipped office pocket in the lid. This frees up a lot of space in the interior. With the help of this backpack, you can carry everything from tools to a sleeping bag. The MOLLE laser-cut panel is located on the front and sides. You can attach other pouches and bags to it.

Organization and clarity

The backpack is divided into main and lower space. Both are closed with firm zippers. In the interior of the main pocket is a Velcro panel with a laser-cut MOLLE system. You will get great options for connecting various accessories to the backpack. Each item will have its own place and you will have your backpack in order. However, if you do not use the offered volume of the backpack, you can reduce it with compression straps. If you need more space, you will just loosen them again.
The X Vent Zero Plus padded back system will ensure your comfort when worn for a long time. Its task is to ensure you the highest possible comfort and lighten the shoulders. It therefore has special padded shoulder straps. It fits perfectly on your back and you can wear it for long hours. The straps and buckles are made of strong material to easily carry a fully loaded backpack. A chest and hip strap is available for better stabilization of the backpack. The chest strap is adjustable. After the modification, the backpack will fit all types of figures.

Satisfied in all conditions

TT Tac Modular Pack 30 Vent was made of high quality and durable material, which is suitable for use in demanding conditions. The purpose of this backpack is to move in the woods, in the mountains or in similar environments. What you want from the backpack is to keep its contents dry and intact. That's why the TT Tac Modular Pack 30 Vent is made from the proven Cordura 700D and T-Square Rip materials. These materials have proven themselves in demanding conditions. The whole construction of the backpack is so strong and highly durable. This reliable material is highly resistant to various types of damage. It is well able to withstand tearing or wearing. The contents of the backpack will stay fine even in the rain because it is water-resistant. You don't have to worry about this material. If soiled, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry naturally.

The TASMANIAN TIGER brand is a manufacturer of professional police and military equipment. Thanks to the quality of its products, it is now widespread throughout the world. Only the highest quality materials are selected for the production of their products. The design always combines the best possible functionality and a modern look. All their products are manufactured directly in the TT brand's own factory, thanks to which the brand has supervision over the maximum quality of its products. The quality and properties are regularly checked by independent testing laboratories according to international standards. They examine each product after production and give it an identification number, which is then stored in the company's database.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • huge space
  • easy contents manipulation 
  • laser cut MOLLE system on the outside
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • tilting lid 
  • easy maintenance
  • strong Cordura® 700D material
  • Velcro MOLLE panel inside
  • padded ventilated back
  • Velcro panel
  • hip strap 
  • adjustable chest strap
  • elastic cord on the lid 
  • zipper office pocket 
  • strong zippers
  • water-resistant
  • damage resistant
Total dimensions (h x w x d) 51 cm x 27 cm x 18 cm
Backpack volume 30 l
Weight 1 450 g
Material 700D Cordura®
Fastening / transfer
2 adjustable padded shoulder straps
1 adjustable hip strap 
1 adjustable chest strap
1 fabric handle 
Support system X Vent Zero Plus-System (TT)
Webbing on backpack laser-cut / MOLLE kompatibilní
Other specification
top and bottom compartment
side compress straps (inside)
elastic side pockets 
lid with pocket 
ports for antenna (main compartment)
rubber lacing on the top
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Tasmanian Tiger® Tac Modular Pack 30 Vent

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