ANV® P300 Fixed Blade Knife with Combined Edge
€  167.9
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ANV® P300 Fixed Blade Knife with Combined Edge

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Product code: ANVP300-016
EAN: 8594194201883
Warranty period: 2 years

The P300 model is a large, robust Bowie for real men. With its size and shape it is designed mainly for hunters, bushcrafters and adventurers as the main tool able to withstand serious everyday beating. Unlike in smaller models P200 and P100, the grey blade of the new type P300 is made from stainless steel Böhler N690C, the silver blade from Sleipner alloy steel. P300 comes either in a self-locking Kydex sheath or hunters’ premium cow leather sheath. You can also choose between straight edge and combined edge options.

Great shape and grip

When developing the knife, the manufacturer focused on exemplary and open ergonomics which does not restrict the user anyhow. Thanks to this, the knife fits in every hand. Its Bowie type blade is suitable for all kinds of work to include cooking, wood and spill cutting. Hafts are made from highly durable G10 fibreglass, treated with ANV Sand&glass Blastin method making the handle's surface slip-resistant in water, mud or when covered with blood.

Modern plastic or elegant leather

The knife comes in a left/right adjustable Kydex sheath, which is the same material you find on board of Boing and Airbus aircraft. The sheath's attachment system is made from sturdy straps adjustable in length. This way the knife can be attached to the belt in three positions (high carry, standard carry and low carry). The sheath also enables thigh carry using the ANV Sheath Extender (sold separately). The self-locking mechanism allows to carry the knife in various positions to include an upside down carry, for instance on a hunters' or tactical equipment, gear or backpack. Thanks to the materials and design used are the sheath together with its attachment system extremely light-weight yet sturdy, durable and safe. The second option is an elegant hunters' sheath from a premium durable cow leather.


All knives come from the factory extremely sharp. Be careful when unpacking and using your knife. There is a risk of injury. If you decide to wear the knife on your neck, make sure you use the ANV safety necklace (sold separately). Never use cords, lines, laces or other (even sturdy) materials. You may get injured when caught on an obstacle. The supplied Paracord (only in Kydex sheaths) has a load bearing capacity of 280 kg (550 lb). Keep it in mind when using your knife. Keep knife away from children.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • fixed blade knife
  • light weight
  • ideal for hunting and outdoor
  • drop point blade – silver version from Sleipner alloy steel, grey from Böhler N690C stainless steel – hardness of both 58 HRC
  • ANV logo on one side of blade, on the other side P300 SLEIPNER / P300 N690C MADE IN CZECH REPUBLIC engraving
  • straight edge or combined edge options (sold as separate products)
  • fibreglass hafts
  • ANV® Sand&glass Blastin® treated handle for perfect grip in extreme conditions
  • safety bracelet to keep knife in hand during cutting techniques
  • worn on belt, gear or inside your backpack
  • comes in Kydex® sheath or thick cow sheath leather
  • Kydex® sheath
    • attaches in three ways thanks to variable attachment system
    • ANV® Sheath Extender for low thigh carry (sold separately)
    • ANV® Blade-Tech® system compatible ports
    • MOLLE / PALS compatible
    • self-locking mechanism keeps knife secure even upside down
    • drain port for easy cleaning and maintenance - simply wash with water
    • paracord cross lacing for attachment on thigh or gear
  • suitable as gift - delivered in good-looking gift box
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Buy ANV® P300 Fixed Blade Knife with Combined Edge for €  167.9

Important parameters

Blade length
14 cm
Handle length
13 cm
Total length
27 cm
255 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel Böhler N690C
Sleipner steel
Surface finish of blade / tools
Silver blade – Satin
Grey blade - Stone wash
Material of handle
Material of pouch
Blade type
Single bevel
Drop point
Dimensions in detail
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Parts of delivery
safety bracelet / securing cord
Paracord (only in Kydex® version)
Gift box


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