3-Piece Rifle Camouflage Rifle Camo Ghosthood IRR
€  90
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3-Piece Rifle Camouflage Rifle Camo Ghosthood IRR

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Product code: A002461-BEIGE
EAN: 4036413321025
Warranty period: 24 months

The three-piece rifle camouflage Ghosthood RIFLE CAMO is an ideal camouflage for different rifle models from HK416 up to AX50. High-quality IRR print provides excellent authenticity and camouflage. Become an invisible part of your surroundings with equipment from Ghosthood. 

Three pieces 

RIFLE CAMO consists of three parts. The first one is Battle+Scope Camo. The main piece covers the biggest part of the weapon. This piece consists out of two stitched together tubes from which the long tube is for the barrel. The second piece of RIFLE CAMO is Bipod Camo. The cord locker will be on top of the barrel, so this part can not be lost. The third part of RIFLE CAMO is Stock Camo. It is made in the shape of garland which allows you to wrap every buttstock.


RIFLE CAMO from Ghosthood features CFIX loops, that allows to attach vegetation or different types of camouflage. This provides even better camouflage. 

Benefits you need to know about:

  • high-quality IRR print
  • 3 pieces 
  • CFIX loops for vegetation 
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Buy 3-Piece Rifle Camouflage Rifle Camo Ghosthood IRR for €  90

Important parameters

128 g
Material in detail
Ghost ULTRA LIGHT (80g/m²)


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