Wiley X® RX Corrective Insert

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Product code: PTX
Warranty period: 2 years

The RX Insert enables you to install corrective lenses and use them with respective models of ballistic glasses. It provides a great comfort and easy use for all wearers of prescribed glasses who do not want to give up on the Wiley X glasses features.

Perfect limitless comfort

The RX Insert is designed to equip your tactical or shooting glasses with your corrective lenses. You won't be limited by your prescription any more. Works perfect with Saber, Vapor, Rogue, Spear, Nerve or PT-1 glasses by Wiley X - PTX prescription Insert. This corrective insert attaches easily to your glasses from the inside. Your prescribed lenses will be this way safe and secure between your Wiley X ballistic lenses and your eyes. Thus you can easily turn your safety glasses into the prescribed ones while maintaining all certified parameters and safety features of Wiley X safety glasses. When using this technology with the Spear model, make sure you use the # SP29PST bridge and # R-8051PST bridge for the Nerve model.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • corrective lenses insert
  • high user comfort
  • does not affect safety or optical features
  • quick and easy instalment
  • suitable for "PTX compatible" frames

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