Wilderness Mini TBS Outdoor® Stainless Cooking Set
€  63.6
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Wilderness Mini TBS Outdoor® Stainless Cooking Set

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€ 63.6
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Product code: OUT120030
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Warranty period: 2 years

Make it easier to cook in the nature

Wilderness stainless steel cooking set Mini TBS Outdoor® is a compact set for cooking in nature. The kit contains a practical cooker(cup stand + spirit burner) with a protective cover and a durable container of 750 ml.

Compact spirit cooker

In the case of the stove, you will definitely appreciate its low weight and compact dimensions. It is designed to use spirit cubes.The set can be dismantle into several parts, allowing its dimensions to be minimised. Use Folding Gridlines (TBS Cross Members) to create a workspace to lay a cup or clipboard. An ideal solution for boiling and heating water in nature, so you don't have to build an unnecessarily large fire. The stove can be opened and, if transported, you can store alcohol cubes in it.

Practical stand

For seamless cooking, even in extreme weather conditions, you can use a practical stand, that is designed to accurately fit the spirit cooker and provide a work surface even for heating larger containers.The stand can be rotated and its perforated bottom used as a workspace instead of the folding grille that the stove itself has. The bottom of the stand contains holes that also allow you to use it as a colander.

Resilient container

The Zebra Billy can cup, like the stove, is made of tough stainless steel, which is ideal for cooking over an open fire. If you're not using a spirit cooker, you can hang the container over the fire using a practical bail handle. The container has a lid for faster heating. Easy handling is provided by folding handle. A practical kit for anyone who wants to make it easier to cook in nature.


Benefits you need to know about:

  • compact dimensions
  • durable stainless steel
  • container of 750 ml
  • practical cooker (stand + spirit burner)
  • low weight
  • universal use
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Buy Wilderness Mini TBS Outdoor® Stainless Cooking Set for €  63.6

Important parameters

220 g
750 ml
Material in detail
304 stainless steel
Dimensions in detail
Height: 11,2 cm
Diameter: 9,7 cm
Parts of delivery
Cup lid
Cup cook stand
Cooker / burner


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