Atsko Water-Guard Extreme spray 335ml

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Warranty period: 2 years

This completely new impregnation is identical, both with aerosol packaging and chemical composition and use, to proven and popular Silicone Water-Guard®.

Its significant improvements lies in the fact that it also contains UV filter, protecting the treated equipment from the effects of UVA and UVB - it prolongs the durability and coloring of fabrics .

The use of Water-Guard Extreme® is the same as the previous product, preserves breathability of treated materials and is recommended for GORE-TEX®, etc.

Thanks to remarkable innovation, it is very suitable for impregnating of moist and wet stressed sport, outdoor, working clothes and footwear of combinated materials as well as for treating of UV radiation stressed tents,celts, sails, textile roofs, parasols, flags, backpacks, bags, golf bags, etc.

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