US poncho - Rip Stop MFH®

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It will not only protect you from the rain

US poncho - Rip Stop MFH ® - model 95 CZ will serve nicely not only as protection from rain, but will serve its purpose perhaps as a basic material in the shelter structure.It's a really multifunctional piece of equipment that shouldn't be missing from any backpack.

Don't worry about damage

This product is a replica of a poncho commonly used in the US military.In addition to protecting you from the rain and keeping your clothes dry, the poncho is wear and tear resistant.The protection is provided by modern ripstop adjustment.You don't have to worry so much about the poncho just ripping open while you're moving through the woods, crawling, or any other challenging activity.In the event that you somehow managed to tear the poncho, the ripstop adjustment will ensure that the hole does not expand and the rupture does not spread further.

Convenience and 100% protection

The poncho will effectively protect users from rain and wind.At the same time, it doesn't restrict your freedom of movement.The cut of the poncho allows you to wear smaller pieces of equipment underneath.Also worth noticing is practical drawstring hood .If necessary, there's no problem using the poncho in an alternative way.

Shelter and raincoat in one

Thanks to ripstop editing, there is no problem with the poncho unfold and use as a pad under the sleeping bag.In an emergency, it can also be used as a emergency shelter.Since the poncho has eyelets for attaching ropes, it can be fixed between two points to create a shelter to protect you and your equipment from the rain.

Off duty and into civilian life

The poncho is coated with a layer of PVC, which enhances the resistance of the material. Welded seams guarantee that not a drop of water can get through them.In addition, the pack contains a practical carry bag.
The product is an ideal choice for all bushcrafters, tourists, fishermen, explorers and members of the security services.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • ripstop adjustment
  • 100 % waterproof 
  • drawstring hood 
  • eyelets for attachment
  • can be used as an emergency shelter
  • welded seams 
  • carry bag 
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