Universal lamp case Cytac®

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Universal lamp case

The Cytac® universal lamp case is universal and very practical tactical a case for your lamp.Made from a resistant polymer, it ensures that the case can withstand even difficult field conditions.The advantage of a polymer is that it doesn't change its properties when temperatures change, so you don't have to worry about deformation sheaths even when exposed to high temperatures.

Universal use

Thanks to its ingenious design, the case firmly holds the stored lamp even in the case of difficult tactical shifts and running.The case is universal for any lamp of maximum head diameter 3.4 cm. The case fastening is solved with closing clipsthat you simply attach to the belt.If necessary, there's no problem opening the clip quickly and unhooking the entire case. 

Individual Settings

The lamp is secured in the case with flexible clips, which adapt to the shape of the lamp body and protect the lamp from loss.The lamp head is located in the lower part made of resistant polymer.In case of tactical use of the case, the speed with which you are able to remove the lamp plays an important role.To reduce the time until the lamp is activated and the user's maximum comfort, the case is accompanied by a rotating 360º mechanism, allowing you to adjust the position of the lamp in the case exactly as you wish. 

Benefits you need to know about:

  • durable materials
  • universal size
  • for lanterns with a maximum head diameter of 3.4 cm
  • fastening to the belt using a closing clip
  • flexible clamp for fixing
  • rotating 360o mechanism

Important parameters

Majority of flashlights by Olight®, Fenix® or Surefire®
Fixing / transport
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