Toe Warmer ThermoPad®

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With Toe Warmer ThermoPad® the winter doesn´t stand a chance - it provides heat for up to 8 hours. It is a great help in those very cold days for athletes, hunters or outdoor lovers. Simply insert it into the shoes and then just enjoy a pleasant warmth.

Simple use 

The use of a pad is really simple - everyone can handle it. The warmer is activated in contact with oxygen, so just take it out of the packaging, no other preparation is needed. After that you can only look forward to hours of a pleasant warmth. However, it should be mentioned that the warmer is designed for one-time use.

Benefits you need to know about : 

  • effectively warms up toes 
  • suitable for hunters, skiers or outdoor lovers
  • very thin 
  • easy attachment to socks thanks to the sticky side
  • activate with oxygen contact (after opening the package)
  • provide heat for up to 8 hours
  • one-time use
  • made according to standards
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Important parameters

Dimensions in detail
9,5 cm x 7 cm
Other specifications
Heating time fingers: up to 8 hrs


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