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This titanium straw from Keith will become a part of your drink anywhere, anytime. Titanium provides extreme durability. Wider diameter not only makes drinking easier, but the straw is also more hygienic. 

Unique features of titanium 

Titanium properties predetermine this material for high durability and long life. Due to its density, titanium is 50 % lighter than steel and almost 30 % stronger than steel. It can be used in absolutely extreme temperatures without disturbing its structure. And most importantly, it is eco-friendly.

When legends write a story 

Keith Titanum is the leading world manufacturer of titanium kitchen utensils successfully operating on the US, Asian and European markets. Keith became the second company in the world who is capable to manufacture titanium alloy earthquake detection equipment intended to be used in 20.000 feet deep sea. KT products won several times ISPO WINNER AWARD and ASIA Outdoor Industry Silver Award. 

Benefits you need to know about:

  • extremely durable 
  • biocompatible and hypoallergenic
  • eco-friendly material 
  • tasteles and odourless
  • wider diameter 
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Important parameters

Height / length
21 cm
19 g
Dimensions in detail
Průměr: 1,2 cm


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