Tasmanian Tiger® defense and tactical equipment

Tasmanian Tiger® belongs under Canadian A3 Sports Distribution Inc.®, which named it after Tasmanian Tiger also known as Tasmanian Wolf, that is said to be extinct since the 1930´s. Crucial products are different army and police equipment including backpacks, bags, clothing, pouches and first aid kits.

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Tasmanian Tiger® defense and tactical equipment

In addition to backpacks, that are one of the most popular Tasmanian Tiger® products, we can also find in this section broad spectre of products. It is mainly different tactical equipment including pouches, hip bags or plate carriers, that are durable and high-quality and often also MOLLE system compatible

With all Tasmanian Tiger®  (Tatonka®sister´s brand) products the main emphasis is put on practicality and high-quality so all the products are inspected before they leave the factory and they also receive a serial number for proprietary database. In addition to this section Tasmanian  Tiger® also offers another products such as clothing, tactical and combat belts or waterproof bags


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