Tasmanian Tiger® Backpacks, bags

Tasmanian Tiger® was founded by Canadian company A3 Sports Distribution Inc.® The company was named after Tasmanian Tiger,also called Tasmanian Wolf, legendary animal, that officially extinct in 1936, but some people still believe that the animal has managed to survive in the sanctuary. Tasmanian Tiger is a sister company to Tatonka® and the essential products are mainly(but not limited to) equipment for armed forces. These includes backpacks, bags, clothing, pouches, belts or plate carriers. 

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Tasmanian Tiger® Backpacks, bags

Backpacks and bags are one of the most essential products of Tasmanian Tiger®. You can find small short range multi-use backpacks, but also long range backpacks, shoulder bags or trolleys. It also includes accessories such as rain covers or organizer/MOLLE panels.

Many of Tasmanian Tiger® backpacks are MOLLE system compatible and water resistant. The material is also of high-quality, after all, each product undergoes strict quality control before leaving the factory and is assigned a unique serial number for later traceability. In addition to backpacks and bags you can also find another Tasmanian Tiger® products such equipment for ballistic protectionclothing or tactical and combat belts

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