Tarp MFH® 3x3 m - pattern 95

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Product code: 32423J
Warranty period: 2 years

Multi-purpose waterproof tarpaulin with metal eyelets around the perimeter for protection from sun, rain and other adverse weather conditions.Tarp can even serve as a cover or a pad at bedtime.

Whether you're going out for a weekend getaway, you're a forester, and the tarp is your daily helper, you can rely on the one from MFH® Keeps you dry, protects from the wind and provides the desired shade in case of harsh sun.

Tarp is light and comes with a transport bag.

Main Benefits of Celta Tarp MFH®3x3m

  • metal eyelets 
  • light and storable 
  • waterproof
  • strenghtened edges 
  • transport bag
Material 100% PES
Weight 550 grams
Dimensions 3 x 3 m
Water Column 1500 mm

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