Tactical Pen UZI® Defender model 5

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Product code: TACPEN5-RD
Warranty period: 2 years

Tactical Pen UZI® Defender model 5 is well designed and unobtrusive tool for self-defense in unexpected situations. Can be used for common writing and you can always have it with you.

Tactical Pen UZI® Defender model 5 does not attract undesirable attention as a weapon so you can take it throught the security. Thanks to its robustness, strength and resistance of the material used, you can use the pen to strike in sensitive places on the attacker's body and thus effectively defend yourself and eliminate the attacker for the time to escape and call help.

Model 5 also features glassbreaker tip.

Tactical pen UZI Defender model 5 can be used to hit from both sides, ie by above mentioned glassbreaker as well as writing tip, which remains firm, undeformed, withstands beating and retains its ability to write.

The UZI Defender model 5 is made from high-quality heavy duty and anodized lightweight aircraft aluminum. 

Anti slip texture for secure grip.

Model 5 has a removable cap with white UZI logo, that fits securely on either end of the pen.

UZI Defender model 5, just like the other UZI pens, is equipped with practical pocket clip.

UZI Defender model 5 is compatible with Fisher Space Pen® refills. The ink is black, pen writes neatly and reliably.

If you cannot reach for a knife or a pistol, you can rely on the UZI Defender tactical pen.

Main benefits:

  • universal tactical pen – a common writing utensil and a means of active self - defense
  • glassbreaker tip 
  • hitting is possible from both sides of the pen  
  • made from lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • secure grip 
  • quick deployment
  • robust pocket clip 
  • cap that fits securely on either end of the pen
  • black ink
  • refills 
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