SOURCE® WXP™ 2L Storm Hydration Bladder

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Product code: 4500130102
Warranty period: 2 years

A quality hydration bladder ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts. This is a two litre water reservoir which facilitates low maintenance and keeps water flavour-less at all times.

Is is made from a three-layer polyethylene complemented with the Glass-Like™ and Taste-Free™ technologies.

Its patented closure will help you prevent any undesired water spill. The Cool Cover Tube blocks the UV radiation effectively and keeps the water cool and free from bacteria. On your travels, you will definitely appreciate its compact light weight design. The tube mouthpiece features a push-pull valve preventing water spill, moreover it is compatible with the USMC Miox filtres.

Another great feature is the angled valve rotating in 360 degrees. Further, the bladder offers a patented top opening for easy cleaning and drying. It also features a quick self-sealing connector.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • patented closure
  • Cool Cover Tube
  • compact light weight design
  • QMT™ valve
  • Dirt Shield™ dust cover
  • integrated filling handle
  • angled mouthpiece
  • wide top opening Widepac™
  • quick connector
  • 94cm drinking tube
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Buy SOURCE® WXP™ 2L Storm Hydration Bladder for €  39.5

SOURCE® WXP™ 2L Storm Hydration Bladder

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