SOURCE® IDF 3L Hydration System

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Warranty period: 2 years

The IDF 3L bladder is a complete hydration system by the quality and proven Israeli Source Tactical Gear. The set includes the actual hydration bladder and backpack with a handle and "D" ring to be attached to equipment or gear. The screw cap on the pack allows easy refill without removing the bladder from the pack. The bladder is inserted into the pack through the zipped top opening.

Comfort, quality, security

Angled Valve - enables 360 º rotation for the ideal orientation towards mouth, allows for using 25cm shorter tube than classic straight valves so the tube does not get in the way. A patented free flow drinking mouthpiece - Storm Valve with 25 % greater flow than regular bite valves, reacts on sucking - mush like using a straw - and Dirt Shield cover keeps the mouthpiece free from dust. Cool Weave Cover Tube keeps water cool and bacteria-free to the last sip. QMT™ - Quick Mate Technology, quick connection / disconnection of the tubing, built-in shut-off mechanism allows fluid-free disconnection, compatible with filters and other accessories such as the UTA adapter. Widepac is patented (US Patent No. 7,648,276,B2, shiftable, airtight opening / closing system (wide upper opening greatly increases access during filling, emptying, inserting ice cubes and drying). Taste-Free™ and Glass-Like™ - does not affect taste / no plastic-like taste, tastes like drinking from a glass container Bacteria-Free and Grunge-Guard technologies eliminate bacteria growth. Care-Free™ - low-maintenance, Glass-Like™ effective prevention of sediment.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • complete hydration system
  • proven quality Israeli brand
  • 3l hydration bladder
  • backpack
  • handle
  • "D" ring for attachment
  • screw cap for reservoir fill without removing it
  • zipped access
  • comfort modern technology
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Buy SOURCE® IDF 3L Hydration System for €  64.5

Important parameters

3 l
Used technologies
Angled Valve
Storm Valve™
Dirt Shield™
Cool Weave Cover Tube
QMT™ - Quick Mate Technology
Parts of delivery
Hydratační vak 3 l
Hadice délky 94 cm QMT™ Cool Cover Tube
Zahnutý otáčecí ventil Angled Valve
Bezskusový náústek Storm Valve™
Krytka náústku Dirt Shield™


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