SOLKOA® Signal Mirror & Rescue Whistle

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In case you are alone in the wilderness and get yourself into a trouble, it is not bad to have on you some sort of signalling equipment. You need something you can use when your mobile phone dies, you are out of signal, cannot move etc. In such situations, this signal set may come in handy and help you send a sound or visual signal to guide the rescuers to your position.

Mirror not only for day signalling

The set is really compact and will not use practically any space in your backpack. The signal mirror can be used not only during the day, but at night as well. Thanks to modern technologies it is basically as clear as the classic glass, but it is much thinner, lighter and mainly more durable. This way you can be assured the mirror does not break easily. In case you need to show your position at night, use the highly reflective tape located on the back of the mirror. The tape reflects flashlights so it will be easier for the rescue party to find you even in the night.

Truly piercing sound

The whistle is, just like the mirror, highly durable and compact. It can produce a sound of over 100 decibels. Thanks to its intense piercing sound you can attract attention to your position in case you got lost or injured.

Always together

Both the whistle and the mirror are tied together with a nylon line. The set can be worn around your neck or simply attached to any loop or carabiner. This signal set should not be absent from any adventurer’s backpack who travel into the wild on their own.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • signal mirror
  • rescue whistle
  • durable materials
  • low weight – only 17g
  • space saving
  • reflective tape on mirror for night signalling
  • mirror dimensions (l x w x d): 11.4 cm x 6.7 cm x 0.08 cm
  • whistle produces 100+ dB sound
  • twin chamber pealess construction
  • conforms to SOLAS maritime regulations
  • nylon 35.6 cm line

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