Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are great for city walks as well as to work and other activities. Everything is at hand with no longer searching or taking off the bag of the back. What about material and width of the shoulder strap ? 

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Shoulder bags

Sometimes we just don´t want to go with the flow, wear things like everyone else. This applies to bags/packs as well. Everyone has backpack. They are great for our trips and to carry things, but if we want to have instant access to our items, they are not as great. We always have to take the backpack off of our backs which for some may be unnecessary. Shoulder bags are great alternative. They remind more of a personal bag for every-day items rather than carry bag. The ways of carry are either hand carry or over the shoulder. Let´s talk about the second option. 

Just reach for it 

What we appreciate the most is its positioning. When we are walking or standing our hands reach to the thighs. That is why the trousers pockets are placed just about there and the shoulder bags would be in similar height. Their position allow us reach the bottoms without any troubles. This position allows also better handling. All pockets should be within a reach to comfortably reach any item, whether it is a phone or bottle of water. Disposition of pockets would be different depending on the bag. For example laptop bags usually have one separated and padded main compartment whether standard bag for every-day carry will have more compartments for personal items. There are many possibilities. Either way, all the pockets should be within easy reach and easy to use. 

Comfortable strap 

What helps us to carry a bag over the shoulder is a shoulder strap, which is placed on either side of the bag. This strap decides how we will carry the bag. If it is non-adjustable or too thin we won´t be happy. It may cause some unpleasant pressure, which is definitely something we don´t want. How do we solve it then ? Choose a bag with wide strap, even 6 - 8 cm. This strap must be adjustable so we can adjust it according to our needs. Another feature that shoulder bag should have is a shoulder pad (padding on a strap), which can be especially found on larger bags.  

Power in simplicity 

The biggest advantage of shoulder bags is easy access and comfort when carrying. Mobility is important nowdays, we need to be flexible and adapt to situations that we are facing in every-day life. And shoulder bag can provide such a flexibility. Let´s choose according to use, whether we need laptop bag, bag for every-day carry or for a shooting range. Each of them offers different properties, but all should be from high-quality fabrics, such as nylon 600D. This material is mechanical damage and water resistant. We should choose the bag with wide and padded shoulder strap. Organization of pockets and easy, natural handling is also important. 

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