Self-Defense Sprays

The advantage of self-defence spray is, that it can be used for longer distance. We should choose the right type as different scenarios require different types and it is good to be ready. 

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Self-Defense Sprays

Everyone knows it. It happened to us or to our close ones. We are walking the street and someone is trying to assault.We can either start running or defend ourselves. So how can we defend ourselves legally? There are several options. Either stun gun, which paralyze the attacker with electric discharge and we can run away. That sounds great, but there is one disadvantage. We need to get very closely to the attacker. We need an option to act from longer distance. The normal weapon is not an option, but luckily there is another one. Self-defence spray.

Chemically and legally 

Defensive spray is by the Czech legislation LEGAL non-killing chemical means of defence. The important word here is "legal". We can therefore use it to defend our life. The attacker is paralysed by active chemical capsaicin, that is found in chilli peppers or cayen pepper. This substance is mixed with water and under pressure stored in the container. When we press the button, the pressure is released to spray the attacker.

Stream or fog

There are two basic variations of self-defence sprays. The first one is spray stream system. After pressing of the button the pressure (air) is released and the fluid comes out of the vent. This option has several advantages. The biggest is distance. It can travel up to 5 meters, which is far enough to run away and feel relatively safe. What if I miss ? That would be actually disadvantage, however, when we point the hand well, we shouldn´t miss. This variant is worse, when the attacker is holding us, but it is still better than to be robbed. The second variant is better for use on short distance, thus when the attacker is very close or holding us. The self-defence sprays are aerosol based that is dispersed over to the attacker. However, the wind can become an enemy as when it blows from the wrong direction, it can hit us as well. 

Don´t be shy 

The sprays are for girls. We´ve heard that many times. The truth is, that it is more popular among girls, but the will to live and not to be attacked is same for both sexes. We do not have to be shy to defend like this. It is way more effective than try to fight with the attacker. Self-defense sprays are used in different areas - security services, wardens, but also police officers have them by the belt for their immediate use.

Let´s choose 

When choosing, we should focus on size and type. Let´s realize, where we will carry it, whether in pocket, hand bag or on a belt. There are many possibilities. Hand in hand with size comes the number of uses. Some of them have 5 uses, some even 20. That is another thing to take into consideration. 


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