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This target is a great choice for shooting practice. Illustration of a man is applicable to non-participants as well as hostages or suspect. The small slots on the sides of the target are adapted so that a hand can pass through them, which can be either empty or gripping an attacking weapon. Vital and impact zones are depicted on the target. The classic is the zone on the head and chest. The advantage is the addition of another zone in the lower abdomen. This is especially where the armed forces learn to shoot, because that's where ballistic protection ends.

Long service life 

Targets have a long service life mainly due to the quality of workmanship. Classic paper is replaced by hard cardboard, which does not tear so much, keeps its shape and thus offers a much longer life.

An advantage for civilians , security units and agencies

Thanks to the long life of the target and the ability to model any situation, these targets are suitable for both the civilian sector and agencies specializing in training both the civilian sector and the armed forces.

Benefits you need to know about : 

  • long service life 
  • durable cardboard
  • several variants of hands 
  • several impact zones 
  • easy creation of model situations
  • possibility of use for civilian as well as armed forces
  • applicable to suspect as well as passer-by or hostage 
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Performance-Cardboard target man / weapon Real Target®

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