Quicker N23C NexTorch® telescopic baton

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Product code: STEEL-N23C
EAN: 6945064203469
Warranty period: 2 years

Compact and reliable baton

The Quicker N23C NexTorch telescopic baton is a durable and highly effective baton for anyone looking for an effective means of self-defence, that they can rely on at any time. Thanks to the baton, you are able to keep a safe distance between you and your attacker and deliver a strong blow in the event of an attack. The size of the baton is sufficient to keep your attacker away more easily.The ideal means of self-defence when life or property is in danger.The advantages are compact dimensions, stealth, quick and easy spread and lightning option.

Practical design

The baton has a anti-corrosion surface treatment.The handle is upgraded to anti-slip TPE grip. This provides stable and firm grip in any weather. In addition, it increases baton´s strength against damage. Aerial aluminum is low weight, so the baton will not constrain you even when worn all day.To assemble the stick, just press the button on the back of the handle. 

Resilient construction

The baton is designed to withstand strong falls when is dropped or knocked out of the hand.The manufacturer guarantees that the baton will remain open even if it falls directly onto the striking section (tested from 2 meters).You don't have to worry so much that your baton will close when you fall out. As a result, you will not lose any time and attention in combat. An ideal tool for anyone looking for a light but effective self-defense device.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • compact dimensions
  • low weight
  • anti-slip TPE grip
  • anti-corrosion 
  • continuous opening/closing
  • endure a fall from 2 meters
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Buy Quicker N23C NexTorch® telescopic baton for €  153.8

Important parameters

Length of deployed
58.4 cm
Length of closed
25 cm
Material in detail
End tube: steel
Middle tube: aerospace aluminum (Airweight® version only) / steel
Handle: TPR + aerospace aluminum (Airweight® version only) / TPR + steel
Surface finish
Matte Black Chrome Plating
Dimensions in detail
Diameter: 28 mm
Weight in detail
Airweight®: 350 g / Steel: 600 g
Other specifications
Eject / retract type: button at the end
Locking system: NexLock®
Corrosion resistance: level 9
Impact resistance: over 3 000 impacts of the force 3 000 N
Expansion reliability: 3 000 expansion and retraction
Bending strength: over 5 000 N
Tensile strength: over 1 000 N
Impact resistance: up to 2 m


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