Permanent Atsko Water-Guard ® 284g aerosol

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Product code: 1357
EAN: 0749281355712
Warranty period: 2 years

PERMANENT WATER-GUARD® is a DWR type product with high and durable efficiency against water and dirt (DWR-Durable Water Repellent-durable water repellency). This fluorocarbon polymer replaces DWR from production. 

Restores the breathable water repellency of the outer layer for all water-repellent and waterproof breathable systems such as Gore-TEX®, BlocVent®, Climatic®, EVENT®, Entrant®, Hyvent®, Gelanots®, etc. After treating of the material surface, Permanent Water-Guard® forms water beads, flows away and material remains dry and breathable. Repels dirt, grease, salts, oils and thus prevents contamination, stain formation and material damage.

It is safe to use on products with feather (down jackets) and synthetic insulation. Extends the life of the products. Does not cause yellowing and solidification of materials. The material is soft and floppy after treatment. No odor when drying. Non-flammable.

Just one single application and after drying and activating by heat, you can achieve a unique effectiveness of the product. With textiles that can be washed and ironed, Permanent Water-Guard®works better than water repellent from production. For polyamide-nylon materials, polyester, dakron, cotton, and their mixtures is provided warranty for efficiency for 25 washing in Sport-Wash®It is an extraordinary efficiency that is not given by any other product. Even with products, such as clothing, in which was a durable water repellent product (DWR) applied during manufacturing.

Usage: The composition of the impregnation product in the aerosol is optimized for use on products from synthetic fibers and artificial synthetic leather. For polyester, microfibre, nylon-polyamide, dakron, polypropylene, artificial silk, fleece, mixed, laminated and coating fabrics, etc., including water-repellent and waterproof-breathable systems such as Gore-TEX®, BlocVent®, etc. The composition of the impregnation product in a mechanical spray bottle is optimized for use on natural absorbent materials. On cotton, wool, canvas, suede and cotton mixtures.

Number of applications needed: 1

Application method: spraying

Dosage: approx. 1-2 pieces of clothing for aerosol, 2-4 pieces of clothing (according to size) with use of mechanical sprayer.

Application durability: guarantee for the most used fabrics at least 25 washes, see Permanent Water-Guard Use and Warranty.

Structure: nanotechnology (nano-layer technology).

Does not contain: solvents, volatile organic compounds and brightening UV-additives and ozone-damaging agents.

Permanent Water-Guard®

  • repels water and dirt
  • prevents the formation of stains
  • for all washable fabrics 
  • warranty for 25 washing cycles
  • odourless, no fragrance
  • no UV brighteners
  • just one single application needed 
  • nanotechnology

What is the difference between a mechanical sprayer and aerosol product?

PERMANENT WATER-GUARD® with a mechanical sprayer has in solution, unlike the aerosol, a high content of dispersed moving solid particles. As a result, if you use a mechanical sprayer to absorbent material, such as cotton fabric, only one spray will be enough for its impregnation. If you use aerosol on the absorbent material, it is likely that you will need a larger amount, respectively, another spraying will be required. This is the only difference between a mechanical sprayer and aerosol. This fact is also reflected in the recommended use of both products, for different types of materials. With above mentioned, it is clear that the products are interchangeable for different materials and the difference can only be in consumption.

PERMANENT WATER-GUARD® with a mechanical sprayer use on a natural absorbent fabrics, cotton, cotton blends, wool, canvas, etc. and suede.Thanks to its original composition, it is unbeatable on 100% cotton, products with GORE-TEX®, BlocVent®, etc.

PERMANENT WATER-GUARD® in aerosol use on synthetic fiber fabrics (nylon-polyamide, polyester, mixtures, dacron, fleece, microfibre, artificial silk, polypropylene, laminated fabric) and synthetic leather, etc. Also Gore-Tex®, BlocVent®, etc.

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