PELTOR® 3M® TEP-300 Bluetooth electronic hearing protectors
€  905.6
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PELTOR® 3M® TEP-300 Bluetooth electronic hearing protectors

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Product code: TEP-300 EU-CY
EAN: 7318640069114
Warranty period: 2 years

So small and so perfect

The latest generation of tactical communication and protection, these are the TEP-300 3M electronic hearing protectors with Bluetooth. Practical charging via a connection in a portable box, the battery lasts up to 16 hours of continuous operation. Universal size and type to fit any ear. They provide quality hearing protection while maintaining situational awareness (ASA) like never before.

A small tactical advantage

The TEP 300 3M hearing protectors are designed to perfection to the extent that they meet even the most demanding requirements of the military and police. Due to their small size, they are compatible with most protective equipment such as helmets, goggles, respirators. Integrated noise reduction technology - weak sounds can be amplified, while sudden extreme noises, such as gunshots, are muted quickly.

Durability and easy operation

The TEP-300 Peltor electronic hearing protectors have a simple, intuitive one-button control. The innovative design helps protect the microphone against water. Wireless connection.

It ensures quality concentration

Every result of our activity is directly proportional to the level of concentration we are able to develop. In a noisy and demanding environment, trying to concentrate is very difficult, if not impossible. But with this latest protection for your hearing - and therefore your overall health - your concentration will be as sharp as ever.

Comfortable protection for your hearing

Protecting your health and therefore yourself in action is a priority always and everywhere. An aggressive attack on our hearing disables us and prevents us from taking any counter-actions. In a demanding and dangerous environment, where the noise level is constantly increased and there is a high-pressure impact sound, high-quality and reliable hearing protection is the absolute basis.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • the latest generation of tactical communication and hearing protection
  • practical charging in a portable box
  • the battery is capable of full operation for up to 16 hours
  • wireless connection
  • innovative technology protects the microphone against water
  • integrated noise reduction technology
  • it can also be used by the army and the police
  • quality hearing protection
  • exceptionally perfect maintenance of Situational Awareness (ASA)
  • replaceable communication earpiece
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Buy PELTOR® 3M® TEP-300 Bluetooth electronic hearing protectors for €  905.6

As part of the Dual protection technology, the manufacturer recommends using these electronic protectors in combination with ComTac VII modular headset with Bluetooth. Both devices can be connected with control unit of the TMAS 3M PELTOR communication system.

You can find more information in the catalog of the TMAS system.

Restriction of use: Never modify or alter this product!

Important notice: Neither 3M company nor the runner of the eshop accept any responsibility, direct or indirect (including loss of profit, loss of business opportunities or reputation), resulting from any information provided here. The given information is taken from the technical data sheet of the product. The user or an expert in the field of health and safety is responsible for selecting suitable goods for their intended use. Neither the 3M company nor the runner of the eshop are responsible for death or person injury caused by their own carelessness!


Measured with CCC communication eartips

Frequency (Hz) Mean attenuation (dB) Standard deviation (dB) Assumed Protection Value (dB)
125 35,1 5,5 29,6
250 32,5 4,9 27,6
500 37,5 5,1 32,3
1000 37,9 4,8 33,2
2000 37,1 4,3 32,9
4000 40,8 4,6 36,2
8000 44,6 4,7 39,9

SNR = 35 dB H = 34 dB M = 33 dB L = 31 dB


Measured with Torque™ communication eartips

Frequency (Hz) Mean attenuation (dB) Standard deviation (dB) Assumed Protection Value (dB)
125 38,1 5,4 32,7
250 35,5 5,4 30,1
500 40,7 5,7 35,0
1000 40,9 5,8 35,1
2000 37,5 3,2 34,3
4000 40,3 3,3 37,0
8000 44,9 4,2 40,7

SNR = 37 dB H = 36 dB M = 35 dB L = 33 dB


Measured with UltraFit™ communication eartips

Frequency (Hz) Mean attenuation (dB) Standard deviation (dB) Assumed Protection Value (dB)
125 32,8 6,2 26,5
250 30,2 4,5 25,7
500 31,6 5,4 26,2
1000 31,2 4,4 26,8
2000 33,0 4,0 29,0
4000 34,4 4,8 29,6
8000 37,9 3,9 34,0

SNR = 30 dB H = 29 dB M = 27 dB L = 27 dB

3M® PELTOR® TEP-300 Bluetooth electronic hearing protectors

Important parameters

Types of batteries / accumulators
Protectors: Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Charging box: 3x alkaline battery AA (pencils) or AAA (micropencils - with adapter)
Material in detail
Case: ABS
Dimensions in detail
Case: 11,4 cm x 7,8 cm x 2,9 cm
Weight in detail
1 protector: 4,7 g
Charger: 104 g
Total (charger with batteries and 2 protectors): 188g
Other specifications
Protection level (SNR): 32 dB
Interchangeable earplugs - communication eartips
Control: 1 button (on / off / comms / volume)
Sound attenuation technology according to ambient noise level PELTOR® (3M®)
Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) with a range of 20" (= approx 50,8 cm)
MFMI: transmission rate - 596 kbps, frequency - 9,8 MHz to 11,7 MHz
Small integrated antenna enables wireless reception of audio signal from neck radio (not included)
Environmental microphone for perception of conversation and commands
Waterproof design protects microphone against water ingress
Design of microphone port protects against wind noise
Integrated In Ear Speech microphone for clear perception of your own speech
Charging via USB or 3 AA alkaline batteries (pencils)
Number of charge of protectors from 3 AA batteries: 16
Charging time: approx 60 min
Battery runtime (per one full charge): 10 h
Protection: IP68
Operating temperature (protectors): -20 °C až +50 °C
Shelf life: maximum 12 months under the following conditions - without batteries, controlled indoor climate with humidity < 90 %, storage temperature from -20 °C to +20 °C (1 year), up to +45 °C (3 months), up to +60 °C (1 month)
Tested according to military standards MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461G, according to EU regulation for personal protective equipment 2016/425, according to electromagnetic emissions directive 2014/30/EU, according to directive for equipment emitting radio waves 2014/53/EU and according to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU on prohibited hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
Country of origin: USA
Parts of delivery
2x 3M® PELTOR® communication eartips CCC
2x 3M® PELTOR® communication eartips Torque™ / Skull Screw
2x 3M® PELTOR® communication eartips UltraFit™ small
2x 3M® PELTOR® communication eartips UltraFit™ medium
2x 3M® PELTOR® communication eartips UltraFit™ large
Earplugs connecting cord
Portable charging box / compartment
3x alkaline battery AA (pencils)
TEP-300AD 3M® PELTOR® adapter for AAA batteries
Transport case with micro C 3.1 USB port for direct protectors charging


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