MFH® PROTECT TARGET 40 pepper spray

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MFH PROTECT TARGET 40 pepper defence spray is a highly effective personal protection agent.It can be used when attacked by an aggressive attacker as well as a ferocious dog, or other animal.

Effective crisis rescuer

If you get into a situation that threatens your life or health, this spray is one way to effectively eliminate your attacker.It is used to defend against aggressive individuals, drunk persons, or attackers under the influence of psychotropic substances.In addition, this spray can be used on the road even against wild dogs, or other animals.Due to this type of spray emitting a so-called liquid shot, it has greater range, more accurate targeting and can be used even in adverse weather conditions. The effect on affected mucous membranes is immediate.The natural substance contained in the spray is to disable the attacker but does not leave permanent damage.It causes temporary blindness, tearing, shortness of breath, irritating cough and severe burning of the skin.The target is experiencing a very intense burning sensation in the area that has been affected by the spray.That way, attacker is no longer able to continue with attacking and will give you enough time to escape, call for help, or immobilize the attacker.

Simple use 

Due to the pocket size the spray can still be within reach.Liquid ”missile” guarantees accurate hit targets to distance 5 m. Safety spray head largely protects against unintentional activation.The active ingredient is Oleoresin capsicum derived from pepperoni placenta.The alkaloid capsaicin contained in this part of the peppers is part of most high-quality defensive sprays.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • effective personal defense
  • better targeting - so-called”liquid missile”
  • immediately neutralizing the attacker
  • active ingredient: 3% Oleoresin Capsicum
  • Volume: 40 ml
  • fits in a pocket 
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