Medical penlight Dr.K3 Pro 80 NexTorch®

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Product code: NXT-DRK3
EAN: 6945064202721
Warranty period: 2 years

Universal medical flashlight

The Medical Dr.K3 Pro / 80 NexTorch penlight is designed specifically for medical staff needs. This portable flashlight offers 2 color light modes. You can choose from yellow or white. White light is sharper and stronger, yellow is softer and non-blazing. That way, you can always choose exactly according to the specifics of a particular examination.

3 light modes

If you need a light into the patient's mouth, just adjust the harsh white light. If you're examining the eyes and don't want to dazzle the patient, then turn on the yellow light.The flashlight can also be used for regular lighting. It allows you to set up a strong white light mode that is sufficient for normal light needs.

Certified for eye examination

Yellow light is certified directly for eye examination.It will never do any harm. In addition, the light is specially designed to not distort colors , giving the investigator the most accurate possible picture without any distortion.

Water and disinfectant safe

The flashlight meets water resistant standards IPX7 and is resistant to immersion to a depth of 1 meter.Thanks to the standard, there is no problem with the flashlight regularly disinfect and clean the product on an alcohol basis. Nor do you need to be concerned about the materials used, which are resistant to the substances used.

Comfortable and easy to charge

The penlight can be easily charged  just by unscrewing of the body of the flashlight and connecting to the power by USB cable.Thanks to the USB power supply, there is no problem with the light comfortably charging in the office using a computer, power bank or charging adapters. Battery indicator will also come in handy.The red light is on while charging. When the battery is fully charged, a green light comes on.It gives you a constant overview of the charging process and can eliminate the risk of overcharging, which can reduce battery life.

Practical design and compact dimensions

Very practical is the memory function - this, when the light is switched off and on again, triggers the same mode that you had on before the switch off. The light is very compact.Thanks to the shape and size of a common pen, you are able to carry it comfortably in your pocket.The structure is complete with a practical clip for fixation in your pocket.The switching on is by means of a button on the back of the flashlightlight. The button is made of an anti-slip material, that guarantees you comfortable handling even when wearing gloves.The body is made of lightweight but highly aero-resistant aluminium.

Mode Luminance (lm) Beam-distance(m) Running time(one full charge)
Low 2 5 19 h
Medium 10 10 5 h 30 min
High 80 28 55 min

Benefits you need to know about:

  • 2 colour light modes
  • white light
  • yellow light
  • 3 performance modes
  • certified for eye examination
  • light does not distort colors
  • water resistant standard IPX7
  • can be disinfected
  • direct charge using USB-C
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Important parameters

Total length
13 cm
Number of modes
Luminous power
80 lm
28 m
40 g
Types of batteries / accumulators
1x 10440 rechargeable builtin Li-ion battery (320 mAh)
Aluminium 6061
Surface finish
Type II anodized
Dimensions in detail
Body diameter: 1,3 cm
Head diameter: 1,4 cm
Other specifications
Number of light colors: 2
White light temperature: 5 500 K
Yellow light temperature: 3 000 K
Waterproof: IPX 7
Battery status indicator / charging indicator
Fastening clip
Scale 4 cm
Pupil scale (10 sizes)
Parts of delivery
LED flashlight
1x 10440 rechargeable builtin Li-ion battery (320 mAh)
USB charging cable (type C)


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