Medical Dr.K3S NexTorch® Flashlight

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Product code: NXT-DRKS
Warranty period: 2 years

Universal medical flashlight

Medical flashlight Dr.K3S NexTorch ®is a compact light designed specifically for the needs of doctors and health professionals. It can also be a great help to parents who need to examine their children's mouths, eyes, ears or necks from time to time.

Adjustable light color

The lamp has a white neutral light, which is very similar to natural sunlight. It is so natural and non-intrusive for the subject to be investigated. This flashlight is certified and specifically designed for the needs of medical professionals as well as designed to not distort colors and give the investigator the most accurate possible picture without distortion.

Practical design and compact dimensions

It is very compact - thanks to the shape and size of a common pen, you are able to carry it comfortably in your pocket. The structure is completed with a practical clip for fixing it behind the edge of the pocket etc.The main switch is on the back of the flashlight and the whole thing is powered by one AAA battery.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • natural white light
  • certified for medical market 
  • light does not distort colors
  • compact dimensions
  • clip for attachment
  • AAA battery
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    Important parameters

    Total length
    10.6 cm
    Number of modes
    19.4 g
    Types of batteries / accumularos
    1x AAA battery (micropencil)
    Aluminium 6061
    Dimensions in detail
    Diameter: 1,3 cm
    Other specifications
    White light temperature: 5 000 K
    Run time: 55 h
    Pupil scale (8 sizes)
    Waterproof: IPX 4
    Impact resistance: up to 1 m
    Parts of delivery
    LED flashlight
    Stainless steel clip


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