The new Patriot jacket by Helikon-Tex is here!

11/6/2023 | Hints and tips | Radek Mládek | Reading time: 2 minutes
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The first generation of the legendary Patriot fleece jackets has finally found a worthy successor in the form of the Patriot HF MK 2 jacket. We've put together an overview of the key features and brand new innovative features of this extraordinary jacket.

What makes the new Patriot outstanding?

The first generation of the Patriot jacket was popular primarily for its versatility and practicality. So what are the key features of the new Patriot HF MK 2 jacket?

  • new Hybrid Fleece material,
  • ergonomic cut,
  • low weight, 
  • high breathability,
  • ventilation holes underarm,
  • seven practical pockets,
  • reinforced hood visor,
  • Velcro panels with pen slot,
  • YKK two-way zipper.

Helikon-Tex Patriot HF MK2 fleece jacket. Source:

 The Helikon-Tex Patriot HF MK2 fleece jacket is this year's novelty and follows the legendary Patriot jacket. Source:

What's new?

The new version of the legendary Patriot jacket is here, and with it comes a series of improvements and innovations you'll love. How is the new version different from the original? Let's dig into it.

Brand new material

The jacket is made of a completely new material, the so-called Hybrid Fleece, which not only reduces the weight of the jacket, but also gives you greater comfort thanks to increased breathability. So you don't have to worry about uncomfortable sweating. You will feel comfortable in the jacket even during more physically demanding events. This material also ensures sufficient thermal comfort. The new generation of the Patriot fleece jacket is very well balanced to give you the best possible wearing experience.

Ergonomic cut

Ergonomic cut promotes better grip. The new cut ensures the jacket won't look like a sack of potatoes on you. Another advantage is that the wind won't blow under your jacket. The sleeves, hood and bottom will hug you comfortably and keep the hard-earned warmth in. The new generation Patriot is simply made to fit perfectly.

New pockets

The standard pockets on the sides, which you know from a number of common sweatshirts, jackets or blouses, have been added. The new pockets are a welcome change and prove that practicality really is a top priority at Helikon-Tex.

New hood design

Another innovative change is the addition of a reinforced visor at the top of the hood, so that the bulky hood no longer falls into your eyes and gets in your view. Enjoy beautiful views without restrictions even in rainy weather.

Back pocket and cuff removal

The pocket in the back area has been removed on the new model. In addition, the sleeve cuffs, which were a bit of a hindrance in the original version, have been replaced.

The details matter

Patriot HF MK 2 jacket is equipped with a two-way zipper, which was missing in the first Patriot models. The two-way zipper makes handling much easier. Nothing restricts your movement.

There are newly added Velcro straps in the shoulder area with integrated pen holder. The slanted design of the holder allows you to quick and really easy handling in any situation.

And what did the manufacturers keep?

The underarm vents, which wick moisture away faster and keep you cool. As with the first model, the developers have thought about your back and kidneys. The Patriot fleece jacket has an extended back that protects you from uncomfortable wind.

If you'd like to see the new features for yourself, you can watch our video here.

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