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2/5/2024 | Top-ArmyShop News | Hana Sedláková | Reading time: 2 minutes
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The CZ 600 MDT repeating rifle is a novelty of the CZ 600 series. This sports special designed for accurate shooting is improved by the sophisticated chassis of the MDT brand. Picatinny, M-LOK and Arca Swiss rail interfaces provide a wide range of accessory mounting options and high weapon variability. The CZ 600 MDT is equipped with a number of sophisticated functional elements ensuring excellent ergonomics, maximum accuracy and reliability not only in competitive shooting. And this very hot new item is now heading to the Top-ArmyShop warehouse! Let's introduce it.

A model for precision shooting

The CZ 600 MDT model was primarily developed for shooting according to PRS (Precision Rifle Series) rules, specifically for the Production division. However, it is also perfectly suited to other sports disciplines focused on accurate shooting. The manufacturer guarantees accuracy of sub-0.75 MOA (five-shot match grade shot with factory ammunition at 100 m).

The chassis, specially produced in cooperation with MDT, is treated with the cerakote surface treatment. The heavy cold forged barrel is the most accurate of the CZ 600 series. The stock and pistol grip interface are AR-15 compatible. This weapon also stands out for its well-designed ergonomics, with double-sided controls as a matter of course.

CZ 600 MDT Deep Bronze, Source:

 The CZ 600 MDT shotgun in the Deep Bronze design is a first-class sports special in the field of precision shooting. Source:

Durable bolt housing

Due to the steel construction, the bolt housing has exceptional rigidity and the operation of the mechanism thus remains consistent. The enlarged ejection window enables easy insertion of the cartridge into the magazine during manual loading and reliable ejection of the fired cartridge even when shooting from different shooting positions.

Rich assembly interfaces

The bolt is fitted with a Picatinny rail along its entire length, which provides sufficient space for mounting optics and the shooter can comfortably set the optimal distance of the eyepiece from the eye. There is an M-LOK interface on the upper receiver and buttstock designed for mounting accessories. An Arca Swiss rail is attached along the entire length of the lower part of the handguard for easy tripod attachment.

Innovative trigger mechanism

A single resistance trigger is characterized by a gradual increase in resistance and a clearly defined trigger point. The trigger resistance can be easily adjusted with the help of a key that is part of the accessory, without the need for disassembly.

Improved magazines

Both versions of the CZ 600 MDT are compatible with MDT AICS 10-round magazines. Compared to standard AICS magazines, this magazine version is supplemented with a proprietary feeder, ensuring reliable and smooth cartridge loading.

Two finishes


This Light Grey version is equipped with an MDT Pistol Grip Elite pistol grip, an adjustable AR-15 style barrel cheekpiece, and an MDT CCS stock with LOP (Length of Pull) adjustment via pads boots.


The CZ 600 MDT in the color Deep Bronze is, thanks to its premium design, the perfect special for sports shooting. The MDT Vertical Grip Premier adjustable handle fits perfectly in any palm. It has an MDT SRS skeleton stock with a height-adjustable cheekpiece. The butt pad is also adjustable in height and axis.

The extended security lock control on one side serves as a thumbrest, e.g. when shooting with a tilted weapon, and is of course replaceable on the other side. A three-chamber muzzle brake compensates for recoil. Thanks to this, refocusing is much faster, because you do not have to search for the target again for a long time after each shot.

MDT company – precision and innovation

The renowned Canadian brand MDT specializes in the production of quality chassis, magazines and accessories for weapons. It deals with weapon upgrades with an emphasis on maximum shooting accuracy, perfect functionality, innovation and customer satisfaction based on their feedback. MDT products are used by elite competitive shooters, hunters and members of the armed forces around the world.

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