Ruger awarded at Big Rock Sports Outdoor Expo and launches two new products

5/12/2023 | Top-ArmyShop News | Radek Mládek | Reading time: 6 minutes
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In this article we will firstly focus little bit on the Big Rock Sports Outdoor Expo Awards and then on two new products from the Ruger company. We will also mention why this trade show is so unique and why this event is differentiated from other new product showcases at industry trade shows where media organizations have a strong influence over the outcome. So if you want to know something about the Expo Awards or what new the Ruger company has prepared for its customers, then you came to the right place.

Ruger AR-556 MPR

 Rifle AR-556 MPR

Ruger was awarded at the Big Rock Sports Outdoor Expo

Ruger has earned two awards from Big Rock Sports. The SFAR™ or Small-Frame Autoloading Rifle, was awarded best product in the the Rifle / Shotgun category as well as in the Overall Best New Shooting Sports Product category. 

The Big Rock Sports New Product Showcase winners are selected based on votes from participating retailers from around the United States. The big difference is, that unlike other industry trade show awards, outdoor retailers at the Big Rock Sports Outdoor Expo were given sole power for voting after reviewing each product in person at the show. Big Rock Sports Senior Vice President Brian Phillips says: “Since our outdoor retailers know the products and how they'll perform better than anyone else, it only makes sense to give them exclusive power to vote for the winners.”

Small-Frame Autoloading Rifle

Are you wondering why the SFAR is so unique that it has won two awards? One of the key features is, for example, that it combines the ballistic advantages of .308 Winchester with the size of tarditional MSR. The smaller of the two initial configurations of this rifle features a 16" barrel model and weighs in at just 6.8 pounds unloaded. By utilizing superior materials and engineering, the SFAR is bigger and stronger yet it remains smaller and lighter than comparable .308-sized rifles.

New products from Ruger

Ruger introduces new model of rifle in caliber 223 WYLDE with special camouflage “Go Wild”. At the same time the company also introduces new model of autoloading rifle, specifically AR-556 MPR.

Ruger rifle with “Go Wild” camo

We admit, that the camouflage is one of the characteristic features of this rifle, but certainly not its only advantage. For example trigger offers a crisp release with a pull weight that is user adjustable between 3 and 5 pounds, allowing shooters to make that perfect shot. Big advantage is also cold hammer-forged threaded barrel with factory-installed muzzle brake, which resulting in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity. Another advantage is ergonomic, lightweight synthetic stock, especially designed for quick and easy handling. Stock combines a classic look with modern forend contouring and grip serrations. Soft rubber buttpad for maximum recoil reduction is also not missing. 

AR-556 MPR

Just like the previous model also this rifle was designed for caliber 223 WYLDE. Let´s start with the barrel that has been modified and now features carbon fiber wrapped barrel. At first glance, the barrel is attractive and significantly lighter than standard barrels, while still offering excellent accuracy and repeatability. Two-stage trigger offers a smooth, crisp, 4.5 pound trigger pull. For stability there is a Magpul stock, that balances the rifle and has secure length of pull and comb height adjustments for the best fit. Free-floated 15" long handguard provides enhanced ergonomics. The rifle has threaded barrel that allows for standard muzzle accessories to be installed.

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