Humala Kalabaas: Hidden treasure of Estonia

8/3/2023 | Fun & free time | Hana Sedláková | Reading time: 4 minutes
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At the beginning of this summer, the crew of the Top-ArmyShop made an expedition to Estonia. And discovered (not quite planned) several hidden treasures of this country that can now recommend to you. Get to know Estonia unconventionally, from the outdoor side and a bit adventurously, but mainly in absolute peace and far from the crowds of tourists. Try fishing and camping on a boat with a campsite in a cozy Humala Kalabaas. Whether you decide to discover the landscape of this country from the boat´s deck or on foot, it will always offer something new.

What do you think of when we say Estonia? Most travelers head for an extended weekend which will spend in a small but distinctive historic center in the capital of Tallinn, or continue with a ferry to the Finnish Helsinki. Not many of us would think, that this flat and marshy country also offers a wide range of outdoor activities with quality opportunities for travelers. Let´s find out ...

Humala Kalabaas: experience camping on a river !

It may seem that private fishing spot Humala Kalabaas is located in the middle of nowhere. But in reality it is situated not even 20 km from Tartu, Estonia´s second largest city, close to the Luunja borough. This place will allow you to perfectly forget all the troubles of everyday life. A relaxed life pace is also provided by the river Emajõgi

It is part of Peipsiveere Nature Reserve ( Emajõe-Suursoo), and it flows into Lake Peipsi on the border with Russia and on the boat you can discover its parts endlessly and have the feeling of being alone in the world.

Fishing in Estonia

 Estonian wilderness, that is absolute peace

Fishing with unique boats !

If you decide fishing in Humala Kalabaas, do it in style and rent one of the unique boats :

  • Augupill is a spacious, stable, and easy-to-steer 6-metre boat powered by a modern, economical engine controlled by the steering wheel. A 1.6x2m bed surrounded by a mosquito net can be made from mattresses on the smooth floor of the heatable cabin.
  • Latrex 450 - the stable Latrex 450 with a trimaran base has been transformed into a floating motorised tent with the help of a canopy tent, a platform between the seats and seat covers. A large mosquito net surrounds the bed of the boat and this "tent boat" is suitable for 2-3 people.
  • Amur motorboat allow 5 people (including driver) to travel quickly throughout the nature reserve, fishing in the best places or discover lake Peipsi if the weather permits. 

Estonian boat

 Rent a boat in Humala Kalabaas and experience camping on the water.

The boat rental costs 80-120 Euros per day. You do not have to worry that you would not know what to do on the water. The nice owner Nils knows the river and all its specifics and will be happy to share all his know-how

Fast fishing course is provided, however extra paid lessons and courses can also be arranged as well as for example a fishing expedition with experienced guide. And if you are not interested in fishing trips, you can simply book a boat trip.

Estonia - grill

 You can either prepare your fish in Humala Kalabass campsite, or on one of the grills located on the river.

TIP: In summer the Emajõgi river is full of mosquitoes and an ordinary mosquito repellent will not help much. What really worked and helped us was the Thermacell MR300 Mosquito Repellent, which is a compact handheld device creates an approx. 20 m² protection zone against mosquitoes.

MR300 Mosquito and Mosquito Repellent

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

 Thermacell Mosquito Repellent handheld device was the only thing that worked in local conditions. 


A floating campsite with sleeping accommodation for 4 people and a heated room is anchored on the river bank. On the shore there is a log shelter for 3 people with a sleeping area, a grill, and view of the river and a small harbor, where is a boat parking for those arriving by boat.

On the shore, there is also (in addition to grill) a smoker and a fire pit. Catched fished are dried on large wooden rack. On site you can buy firewood, worms, or borrow fishing equipment for children, beginners but even for experienced fishermen. For maximum peace and privacy only one group can visit at a time, so make sure to book it in time.

Dried fish in Humala Kalabaas

 Dried fish are popular in Nordic countries

Why Humala Kalabaas?

What makes Humala Kalabaas so unique from other fishing spots ? It is definitely customer care and personal approach. Your satisfaction matters. You will get very detailed instructions and fishing tips to have the best experience possible. Also that is why most of the customers of recent years come on the recommendation of an acquaintance.

Families with children will enjoy a visit of this place too as well as this place is also wheelchair accessible. In Luunja there is a shop, petrol station and a small cafe, in the nearby Kavastu Parv there is a nice small sandy beach with benches, a kids swing and a pirate boat or an outdoor gym for the public. We are sure that the owner will give you number of tips for great trips.

TIP: if you are interested and would like to make booking, send Nils message on his Facebook page, or an email. Humala Kalabaas is on Facebook as @Humala Kalabaas or on Instagram as @humalakalabaas. They also have youtube channel, but it is only in Estonian.

What else to see in Estonia ?


Tartu is a university city with an upbeat nightlife. It is said to have a Nordic atmosphere. At the same time it is the oldest Estonian city, so the history literally surrounds you from all sides. In addition to interesting cafes and more and less traditional restaurants, there are many museums, such as for example Beer Museum or KGB Museum. Highly popular is also 5,2 km long Ilmatsalu-Karevere Hiking Trail. There are five rest areas on the track where you can make a fire and rest your tired feet.

Tartu, Estonia

 Tartu, the second largest Estonian city can also offer an upbeat nightlife. 

Lahemaa National Park 

Lahemaa National Park is located on the northern coast of Estonia, on the Baltic Sea coast and it can be translated as "Land of Bays". You will find lush native forests, wetlands and coasts covered with rocks and boulders. Lahemaa is home to rich natural beauty and wildlife including Siberian flying squirrel or carnivorous plants.

Lahemaa is an excellent place for hiking, you will find well-marked trails, that very often include boardwalks or are spread along the coast. They are easy, flat trails, the highest point has 115 m. The most popular trails include Viru Raba trail or coastal walk full of boulders across Käsmu village, where you can also find small Maritime Museum. 

Lahemaa National Park

 Lahemaa National Park is great place for hiking

Saaremaa island

You will go on Estonia´s largest island if you are looking for peace and quiet and want to spend some time away from mainland. There are many things you can do on this island including hiking, kayaking, forest or coastal walks or you can even see meteorite craters. 

Kuresaarre castle on Saaremaa island

 Kuresaarre castle on Saaremaa island 

INFO: How to get there 

  • By plane: the fastest and most convenient way. Direct flights from Vienna or Berlin, or you can fly from Prague to Helsinky or Tallinn and then catch a ferry. You can check for example websites like "Zaleťsi" or "Honzovy letenky", where cheap flights to Tallinn appears sometimes. If you are heading to Tallinn and planning to travel around the country, we recommend to rent a car. There are many car rentals on Tallinn airport. 
  • By car: another relatively convenient option is by car. This journey is around 1 600 km long.
  • By bus : bus from Prague to Tallinn takes about 30 hrs, with asually one stopover. Flixbus transport operator offers this option. 
  • Saaremaa island - ferries operating from Virtsu.
  • Humala Kalabaas - driving on Tartu-Räpina highway, turn to the Luunja-Kavastu road from the Luunja junction and after 5.2km you will reach the VÕNGI bus stop. 
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