How to keep your campsite clean

2/20/2023 | Hints and tips | Ondřej Krotil | Reading time: 3 minutes
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The principle is that, what you bring into nature, you should also take back. The same applies for cleaning when leaving a campsite. Everything has to stay as it was before your arrival. Do you follow this simple rule?

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You need to keep your campsite clean. It is quite clear that if we didn´t follow common and natural principles, forests would be contaminated with garbage. And nobody wants that. The cleanliness of the campsite is an image of every camper and keeping campsite clean has its written and unwritten rules. So let´s talk about them little more. 

Yellow tent in a campsite

1. Have as little garbage as possible 

It is quite simple. If you are going to camp, you will do well if you get rid of unnecessary packaging. You will not only be saving nature and have less worries with throwing away and sorting, but you will also have less burden and therefore saving space in your luggage.

2. Use biodegradable soap 

This applies especially when staying outside of proper campsites. Standard soaps are a big ecological burden and nature will certainly not thank you. Therefore you should only use eco-friendly products for personal hygiene as well as dishwashing. Nowadays, there are many products on the market and they will not cost a fortune. 

3. Recycle 

Put trash - plastic, peels, crumbs garbage bags and dispose of it properly. Leave no trace. Definitely do not use your campfire to get rid of trash. 

Pour the strained water away from the campsite. Protect water sources and do not pour water near or even in running or stagnant water. If you are staying on one place for longer time, you should pour water every time to another place.

4. Make sure your campfire is completely cold and out  

Cooking over a campfire

Build a campfire only in established fire rings, burn all wood to ash and then clean it. Make sure your campfire is completely out and cold before leaving. 

5. Pick up after your pets 

Even your pets can make a mess. Especially the biological one. Be prepared for such situations and clean after them.

6. Use your brain 

 Treat nature the same way as you want others to treat you. If there is something what you don´t like, do not destroy it for others. Keep in mind, that you are not alone in the nature. And we don´t mean only the animals, but also other people that will come after you. 

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Ondřej Krotil
This explorer and a criminalistic book author was born at the foothills of Giant Mountains. His biggest hobbies include mysteries, history, criminalistics and much more. Ondřej is currently working on such cases as unsolved murders, unexplained suicides, kidnappings or mysterious disappearances. He had been cooperating with Czech and Slovak media as an investigative reporter. Ondřej would like to make good use of his knowledge in the field of literature.
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