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12/12/2022 | Hints and tips | Radek Mládek | Reading time: 5 minutes
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In this article we focus on basic products, which make stay in the nature easier hence make campers happier. The basic gear include sleeping bags and mats, tools, flashlights or dining sets.

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Sleeping bags and mattresses

As you make your bed, so you must lie in it. And this saying is even more true when camping. The right sleeping mat and sleeping bag ensure, that we are not cold, which is perhaps the most important thing for happy camping. When choosing the sleeping bag, make sure to check the comfort temperature rating. Comfort rating indicates the temperature at which a cold sleeper might feel comfortable. On the other hand, The Extreme Rating, is the temperature that a person would "survive" the night in the sleeping bag, but not sleep or be in any comfort at all. 

The proper insulation is a basis. Just as a sleeping bag protects you from cold temperatures, the mat will do a great job in keeping your body warm. We suggest sleeping mat that is compact, lightweight and easy to pack.

Inflatable Sleeping Pad Insulated Static V™ Luxe Klymit®

 Inflatable Sleeping Pad Insulated Static V™ Luxe Klymit®

Building a campfire, tools 

Now when you have your sleeping bag and sleeping pad, what´s next ? Definitely tools, that will help to make your campsite be more comfortable place to stay. There is nothing worse than to sleep on a ground full of tree roots and stones and wake up completely broken to pieces. Knives, shovels, axes and saws will be your welcome help. If you think, that it is not really practical to carry all of these, you can then opt for a multitools, that combine all the basic tools for survival in the nature.

Recommended products

Fire radically increases the comfort of sleeping in the nature. In addition to protection from unwanted visitors, it is also a pleasant source of heat as well as it will help to prepare your favorite meal with the use of right equipment. More experienced users can use fire starters, for beginners we recommend matches or lighter.

Even duck(tape), that has become an essential part of any professional worldwide, may be beneficial. With its help you can for example fix your tarp or repair (patch) a holes to stop leakage. 

Kettle over a campfire

Food preparation

Sooner or later, you will be hungry and craving some food. If it is cold outside, it is better to have food that will warm you up. If you have set up a fire, some portable grill on which you can heat up your food, will definitely come in hand. Another possibility (perhaps easier) is portable gas stove, where you don´t have to worry about building a campfire. Portable stoves and cooking sets are especially beneficial when raining, when there is no dry firewood around or on the contrary, during extreme heat when there is a risk of fire caused by your campfire. We recommend to bring a food you really enjoy to not ruin your camping trip. 

Portable grill

 Portable grill Coghlans®

Flashlights, headlamps 

Now when you are warm, with full stomach of your favorite food and comfortable place for your sleep, what could possibly go wrong ? Sometimes we may hear some disturbing sounds around the campsite so we would like to see where they are coming from and whether it can be dangerous. At this very moment, all campers will definitely appreciate headlamp or flashlight. Powerful source of light is an essential gear for your outdoor adventures. It is much easier to get injured during dark conditions.

French Press Coffee Mug Helikon-Tex®

 French Press Coffee Mug Helikon-Tex®

We have now revealed the essential gear for stays in the nature. If you are looking for extra comfort, you can spoil yourselves with tents, durable tarpaulins, camping furniture, waterproof notebooks and sets for water filtration or coffee preparation.

Recommended products
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