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1/20/2023 | Top-ArmyShop News | Jana Černá | Reading time: 5 minutes
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SABRE provides two types of personal safety training courses led by certified instructors - Civilian Safety Awareness Program a SABER College Safety Program. SABRE-trained instructors teach classes across the U.S., where they teach everyday safety techniques - how to identify threatening behaviors, skills to discourage potential threats, and techniques on how to escape dangerous situations, including training with pepper spray.

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Law Enforcement Training 

Law Enforcement Instructor certification program focuses on deploying, handling and documenting the use of aerosol irritant projectors (AIP). It also addresses medical issues and legal liability. This course will enhance the instructor's development in the use and training of AIP tactics and will help departments increase the safety of surrounding subjects. Law Enforcement Training addresses proper deployment techniques, available products, contamination and decontamination guidelines and tactics for surviving an AIP attack. 

Civilian Safety Instructor Training 

This Certification Program is designed to train instructor candidates in the methods of teaching effective self-defense and safety awareness utilizing SABRE pepper spray. This course will enhance the instructor’s knowledge in teaching the use and deployment of SABRE pepper sprays. Instructors will learn the essential facts about pepper spray, proper ways to carry the spray, how to deploy it effectively against an attacker, methods of teaching and decontamination techniques. By attending this course, instructor candidates will learn the SABRE Safety Awareness Concept and how to teach others to understand and adopt its principles. Instructor candidates will also be tested both via a written examination and a practical examination which gauges their instructor skills and qualifications. And finally, instructors will be presented the organizational process involved in planning and carrying out a SABRE Personal Safety Academy. 

No matter where you are going and what you are doing, trust SABER products, just as they are trusted by law enforcement authorities and consumers around the world. SABRE helps you to live confidently and enjoy the things you like.

Defense spray

 Whether you are a parent who wants to protect your children or want to be safe at home and outdoors, trust SABRE products that are developed for your protection and safety.

SABRE mission is to help you make it safe 

SABRE provides the best solution for personal safety and home security in its class. SABRE tries to educate and strengthen so you and your loved ones are not only equipped by powerful and innovative products but also know,how to use them with self-confidence.

Personal safety products 

SABRE offers a variety of products for personal safety from pepper sprays and gels to bear and dog sprays and home security devices, all of which include innovative features that immediately work at the highest level and help provide safety and peace.

Sabre Safety Kit

SABRE story 

Since 1975, SABRE has maintained the highest quality standards of all its products. The company provides best-in-class personal safety and law enforcement products, whether they are pepper sprays and gels, stun guns, home alarms, security systems, bear and dog sprays.

Product lines:

Personal safety  

  • Pepper sprays and gels  
  • Defense sprays 
  • Stun guns 
  • Personal alarms 

Home security 

  • Standalone home alarms 
  • Wireless home security 
  • Door security bars and fake cameras  
  • Security systems 

Outdoor safety 

  • Bear sprays 
  • Bear accessories
  • Dog sprays 
  • Self-defense for runners 

SABRE’s Personal Safety Academy

Personal safety is personal and therefore for everybody different. That is why SABRE created videos and instructions to help you live your life confidently and to the fullest, no matter where life takes you.

SABRE founded Personal Safety Academy, where they prepare you for the possibility of facing life threatening situations. In the Academy you will learn useful informations that will help you to increase your personal safety.

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