Advantages of ready to eat meals

9/14/2022 | Hints and tips | Ondřej Krotil | Reading time: 3 minutes
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Do you know the advantages of ready to eat meals ? You will be pleasantly surprised by taste, but also price. We will reveal more in the following article. 

Tactical Foodpack - Spice Noodle Soup - ready to eat meal.

What are ready to eat meals ? 

Ready to eat meals for your travel adventures are already pre-prepared foods. This means that you do not need anything for the final preparation, perhaps one or two tasks. Classic example can be instant soup, for which consumption you just need boiling water.

These foods are freeze dried or dehydrated. In both cases, food is deprived of excess water, but after adding boiling water (in most cases), it is ready for consumption. This has its advantages which we are going to now reveal. 

Advantage no 1 - easy to store 

Anyone who has ever been packing for outdoor trips has definitely needed to solve the food question. It is neccessary to eat, but even food can have some weight and our space is limited. We can not rely on local restaurants and pubs as we can be miles away from those places. So what now ? In such cases, ready to eat foods, that are easy to store, are really helpful. You can pack food for several days without needing much of a space. 

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Advantage no 2 - comparable to meals in restaurant 

It may sound unbeliavable, but these ready to eat meals can be compared to meals you get in restaurant. In some cases may be even better...

Advantage no 3 - fully nutritional 

Ready to eat meals offer wide selection and they are fully nutritional. There is no problem to choose a meal, whether it is a breakfast, lunch or dinner. The servings are satisfying. 

Advantage no 4 - easy to prepare 

Undoubtful advantage is easy preparation. Your favorite food can be prepared almost anywhere, summer or winter. In some cases you do not even need hot water, there are special bags with self-heating capsules that will do all the work. 

Advantage no 5 - reasonable price 

Last, but certainly not least, is the price. It is comparable to price of standard prepared meals in the Czech restaurants. Compared to more expensive places, you will even save.  


As you can see, ready to eat meals have more pros than cons and they are deservedly one of the most popular alternatives to traditional meals. 

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Ondřej Krotil
This explorer and a criminalistic book author was born at the foothills of Giant Mountains. His biggest hobbies include mysteries, history, criminalistics and much more. Ondřej is currently working on such cases as unsolved murders, unexplained suicides, kidnappings or mysterious disappearances. He had been cooperating with Czech and Slovak media as an investigative reporter. Ondřej would like to make good use of his knowledge in the field of literature.
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