Keith® titanium spork with bottle opener

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Product code: TI5311
EAN: 3760288450122
Warranty period: 2 years

Can a spoon, fork and bottle opener be used in one practical tool? It sure can. We present you the titanium spork bottle opener Keith®.

We're saving time and your wallet.Three instruments in one! It takes almost no space and weight is so negligible, that you won't know that you are carrying Keith's titanium spork bottle opener®.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • compact and extremely lightweight all-purpose tool - spoon, fork and bottle opener
  • incredibly light - 15 g
  • made of durable titanium, with no undesirable metallic taste and chemical ingredients
  • eco safe 
  • stylish design
  • easy to wash - dishwasher safe 
  • practical case
  • perfect for camps, picnics or outdoors 
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Buy Keith® titanium spork with bottle opener for €  10.5

Important parameters

15 g
Surface finish
Sanded / Sandblasting
Dimensions in detail
163 mm × 36,5 mm × 2 mm
Parts of delivery
Fabric transport bag


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