IWB CZ P-10 M - inside the waistband weapon case with full SweatGuard RH Holsters®
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IWB CZ P-10 M - inside the waistband weapon case with full SweatGuard RH Holsters®

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Product code: RH.149-CZP10M
Warranty period: 2 years

The IWB CZ P-10 M inside the waistband gun holster from the production of Czech brand RH Holsters is equipped with a full sweatguard and allows partial adjustment of the inclination and force of the grip of the weapon. The Kydex material makes it very durable and easy to clean.

Detailed prolisms

The case is made of one piece of 2 mm kydex. The outlines of the weapons plotted into it in great detail under high pressure. The gun would fall into place very naturally and precisely. Hand-sharpened edges provide comfort when worn and do not push or scratch at points of contact with the body. 

Wearing options

This IWB case is worn usually on the side, at approximately 3am (right-handed version). Some options also offer the option of wearing the so-called appendix carry style (on the front of the abdomen). The advantage of these holsters is to carry them almost anywhere around the waist circumference. Its low profile makes it an ideal model for concealed wear.This type of the holster is especially recommended for subcompacts and compacts (fullsize frames only exceptionally). You can wear the case all year round, but it is most often used in summer, when fewer clothing makes it easier to access. 

Types of attachment

For the IWB cases from RH Holsters, you can select several types of 40- and 45-mm steel buckles that are attached by two-piece Chicago bolts and nuts. 

Various fastening

Ulticlip - a minimalist clasp that holds the case with a simple hook behind the hem of the pants. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of wearing it even without a belt. It is ideal for the so-called Tuckable style, with your shirt tucked into your pants. Ulticlip XL - a very strong and secure attachment, that is used for belts with a width of 40 mm and a thickness of no more than 10 mm. You can also have your shirt tucked into your Tuckable style pants.

Configure the grip

Using the regulator screw, you can easily adjust the grip strength of the weapon. Different users can thus determine this parameter according to their preferences.

Adjustable slope

The inclination can be adjusted to every customer needs. Flushclip buckle can be rotated (moved to second pre-drilled opening). This will result in a slight lowering the gun-stock forward. You will appreciate this with concealed sidewear, where the gun-stock under the T-shirt is less visible and even sitting in the car will be more comfortable.

Full sweatguard

Thanks to the extended back/inside of the holster, the gun is protected against sweat when in contact with the body. This solution separates the gun from clothes, too. A T-shirt, or other items of clothing, may roll up during a draw and then grind when returning the weapon to its holster.

Comfort of wearing

Some holsters use a so-called claw that takes care of the better grip of the weapon on the abdomen. It is its job to push from the inside into the pants/belt and direct the gun handle more towards the body.

Simple maintenance

The inner casing of the IWB CZ P-10 M has a so-called grinning construction, that protects the weapon effectively and allows for easy maintenance and flushing of impurities.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • designed for Inside the Waistband wear 
  • compatible with CZ P-10 M
  • low profile
  • full sweatguard
  • adjustable forward inclination
  • control of the grip strength
  • solid and durable materials
    pressed under high pressure
  • easy cleaning and rinsing
  • manufactured in the Czech Republic
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