Gunsmith services

We cannot intervene in the construction of the weapon, but we can help you with the replacement and fitting of accessories and accessories for the weapon, or with cleaning and lubrication of the weapon. You can order from us the installation of sights, sights, sights or stands for common types of pistols and long firearms (e.g. rifles). In addition, we will repair and/or replace the controls. We also repair and maintain gas guns and air rifles.

Basic gunsmithing price list

Task Price incl. VAT
Installation of a recoil device (compensator, recoil brake, silencer) € 25
Replacement/tuning of trigger mechanism € 30
Professional cleaning (ultrasonic) and lubrication of short gun € 45
Professional cleaning (ultrasonic) and lubrication of long gun € 67
Replacement of sights for short guns € 30
Mounting of rifle scope including lapping of the mount € 67
Measurement of trigger resistance € 9
Service of AR 15 rifles, mainly
  • replacement of bolt sealing rings
  • replacement of the extractor
  • replacement of the extractor spring
  • replacement of the extractor spring insert
  • replacement of the extractor pin
  • cleaning the bolt carrier
  • checking the bolts on the gas carrier extension
  • replacement of the gas tube
  • replacement of forestay
  • replacement of stock (buffer tube)
€ 16 / hour.

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