Gun case for concealed carry IWB Gen2 Cytac® Sig Sauer P938 - black
€  16.7
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Gun case for concealed carry IWB Gen2 Cytac® Sig Sauer P938 - black

€ 16.7
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Product code: CY-IP938G2
EAN: 8891470006126
Warranty period: 2 years

The IWB Gen2 Cytac case is an elaborate polymer case for the smaller Sig Sauer P938 compact pistol.It is ideal for service and private use.It excels in safety features as well as durable construction.It provides easy access to the weapon and provides maximum protection.

Easy Control and Safety

The case is made from an army-grade polymer, which has excellent properties that can withstand extreme operating conditions.Its low profile ensures high connectivity to the user's body and is ideal for concealed carry (IWB= inside the waistband, then inside the waistband). Ergonomic design allows easy control and smooth drawing of the weapon.The holster is precisely shaped for a specific model line of pistols.

Professional Authenticated

Thanks to intuitive control, quality and reliability the Cytac case has become part of the toolkit of the French and Croatian police, the Brazilian presidential guard and the police or the Thai police force.The polymer from which the case is made retains its unique properties in temperatures from -30 °C to 180 °C.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • made of military grade resilient polymer
  • perfect control and quick access to the weapon
  • ergonomic design
  • low profile for sky wear inside waistband pants (IWB)
  • metal clip on belt
  • can be used with a belt up to 5 cm wide
  • also intended for extreme operating conditions and temperatures from -30 °C to 180 °C
  • easy and quick to put in place
  • for both service (typically plain clothes police) and civilian use
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