Gun Boss® PRO Precision Cleaning Kit Real Avid®
€  33.7
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Gun Boss® PRO Precision Cleaning Kit Real Avid®

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€ 33.7
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Product code: AVGBPROPCT
EAN: 8131190119318
Warranty period: 2 years

Do you tell yourself that if you're going to clean, you're going to clean properly? Then the GUN BOSS® PRO precision cleaning kit from Real Avid will be the right thing for you. It actually contains several tools to clean your gun really accurately - including harder places to use.

The tools will help with removing residues as well as applying oil

The set includes tools that allow for really thorough cleaning. Thanks to brass scrapers you can easily get rid of carbon deposits, but you can also find a toothbrush in the set that is designed for oil application.

Ergonomic handle fits nicely

We dare say that the handle also plays an important role in cleaning. After all, it needs to fit well in your hand. Manufacturers were well aware of this, so they made an ergonomic handle.

You can also use the resistant packaging as a stand

The individual tools are neatly stored in a package that also serves as a stand. All you have to do is to open the transparent back.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • set is encased in a durable housing that also serves as a stand
  • ergonomic handle
  • contains, for example, a nylon brush, an oil applicator or brassstyle>
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Představení - Sada pro precizní čištění GUN BOSS® PRO od Real Avid

Čistící sada Gun Boss® PRO Precision Cleaning Real Avid® Vyčistěte svůj kvér pořádně

Important parameters

Other specifications
Průhledný obal z tvrzeného plastu
Komplexní sada
Odolné provedení
Nástroje pro precizní čištění
Nástroje pro precizní čištění
Variabilní délka vodítka
Cord length
20 cm


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