Gun Boss AK47 Real Avid®

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Real Avid® Gun Boss AK-47 is a compact cleaning kit for the legendary weapon. Although known for its reliability, it is clogged with sediment during shooting. With this exclusive kit, you will give your AK-47 perfect care in all key parts.

Perfectly compact package

There is a complex toolkit for cleaning AK-47 in the zipper case. Everything is neatly arranged. All the parts have a place, or a grip. No unpleasant loose parts, each tool is intelligently arranged and securely held in place. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the set fits in each backpack or other luggage.

Comprehensive toolkit

One of the biggest enemies of weapon mechanisms are gas fumes and sediments. Therefore, the set is primarily a tool for removing these operating residues. Easy to clean the cartridge chamber, removing carbon from the plunger and bolt. The exclusive chamber brush is threaded at both ends, so you clean the chamber from both sides and along the full length. And although it doesn't look like it at first glance, you fold up the parts into a cleaning rod of 72 cm in length. You screw a T-shaped handle onto the end of it, which guarantees comfortable and easy cleaning without unnecessary effort. In addition to cleaning brushes, mopping head and pads, the kit includes a tool for bits and other mechanical components.

The kit contains:

  • six threaded rods, 72 cm;
  • brush for cleaning the chamber
  • T-shape handle<
  • lili>lilili>lili>li>li<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • plastic rod with eyeem>tools for cleaning pistons on piston grooves

Benefits you need to know about:

  • complete cleaning kit for AK-47
  • keeps the gun perfectly clean
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Important parameters

7,62 x 39
Other specifications
Durable case
Neat organization
Complex package
Variable length of leash
Cord length
72.3 cm


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