Grande Coffee Press JETBOIL® Coffee Presser

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The Grande Coffee Press from Jetboil will take one easy step from your Jetboil FrenchPress cooker to make filtered coffee.If you're into hiking, camping or other outdoor activities, but can't deny yourself a cup of your own quality coffee, the Jetboil extension certainly won't disappoint you.The roads are easy to fit into almost anywhere thanks to degradability and weighing just 30 grams.

Jetboil cooker compatibility

The Grande Coffee Press extension is compatible with Jetboil MiniMo, Sumo, Sumo TI and a low 1 litre pot and a 1.8 litre pot, also from Jetboil.

Multifunctional use

In addition to making coffee, if rotated the adapter can also be used as a steaming saucepan and prepare or heat your food by steaming.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • FrenchPress extension
  • stocky and light
  • multifunctional use
  • compatible with Jetboil cookers and pots
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Important parameters

30 g


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