Ghillie ANTI FIRE parka with hood Mil-Tec® woodland
€  57.8
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Ghillie ANTI FIRE parka with hood Mil-Tec® woodland

€ 57.8
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Perfect camouflage

The Ghillie ANTI FIRE hooded masking parka Mil-Tec® is made of a durable mesh fabric, which is covered with a number of camouflage fringes.The colors of the fringes replicate the typical colors found in the moderate climate belt landscapes.It's ideal for our forests and summer landscape. Parka is made of a single piece of netting, which is completed with a practical camouflage hood.

Comfortable even in bad weather

Materials used are selected to give users the highest possible comfort when performing combat tasks.If you stay in one place for a long time, you're likely to be caught in inclement weather.In such a situation, you will appreciate that the material used does not soak up water.In the event of soaking, parka will not get heavy and obstruct movement.

Deflection protection

In addition to water protection, parka is designed to prevent undesirable reflections, which could give away the location of the user.For this reason, the materials used are unreflexive and are fitted with special coating, which prevents glare.In addition, the materials are non-flammable, non-toxic and provide protection against UV rays.

Effective head masking

Parka is completed with a practical hood, which greatly improves the camouflage properties of the product. The hood is, as is the rest of the parka, completed with camouflage fringe.The hood has the advantage of "breaking" a person's silhouette and creating inequalities that increase the chance of not being noticed in the landscape and leaving your position undetected.

For players and professionals

This parka will be appreciated by professional snipers, hunters or airsoft and paintball players.It is supplied in a practical carrier bag with shoulder strap, so there's no problem simply transporting it.You can minimize bag dimensions with compression straps.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • fire retardant treated material
  • resistant mesh fabric
  • practical camouflage hood
  • materials doesn´t soak up water
  • anti-reflective surface treatment
  • protection against UV rays
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