Front Flap Harness Husar® carrier straps

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Modular carrier straps for your equipment

Front Flap Harness Husar® is an ideal solution for all those looking for light, compact and modular carrier system.Carrier straps are compatible with front panelsSingle Front Flap 3.0 and Double Front Flap 1.0. from the firm's production of Husar®.You simply attach the straps to the modular panel thanks to the pre-arranged handles that both variants already possess from production.

Quick and easy exchange

You don't have to buy any adapters or grips that extra.The straps are connected to the panel using fast-fasteners buckle, so there is no problem with the carrier system quickly unhook.The panels are designed so that they can be replaced as quickly as possible and moved from the plate carrier to the carrier straps.This is an ideal choice for everyone who changes their gear frequently. You can set the strap size to to peace.

How the modular system works Husar®?

First you attach the carrier straps to the modular panel.You can choose from 2 variants.The Single Front Flap 3.0 base panel has one insertion chamber.If you want to carry more equipment and magazines, you will need Double Front Flap 1.0, which has two chambers.Both panels are actually basic platforms for inserting stack and utility inserts from company production Husar®.

Wide compatibility

You can configure the entire kitto be just right.Inserts in the modular panel are reliably held by durable dry zip.The clip is so very fast and, if necessary, there is no problem simply unplugging and replacing the inserts with others. If you already own any of the stack or utility inserts, you can use them without any problems not only on the Kirys 2.0 plate carrier, but also on your own thanks to the carrier straps.

Designed for panels Husar®

The carrier straps are made of durable materials and stand out with precision processing, so they can withstand even the most challenging combat conditions.They cannot be used alone, only in combination with front panels Single Front Flap 3.0 aDouble Front Flap 1.0.Thanks to a wide variety of inserts, you can customize the carrier system exactly according to your needs and the amount of equipment used.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • precision processing
  • resistant materials
  • individual configurations
  • simple assembly/disassembly
  • compatible with Single Front Flap 3.0 and Double Front Flap 1.0
  • adjustable size
  • fastenings
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