Fixed Blade USMC Fighting KA-BAR®, combo edge
€  155.4
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Fixed Blade USMC Fighting KA-BAR®, combo edge

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€ 155.4
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Product code: KB5018
Warranty period: 2 years

Fixed Blade USMC Fighting KA-BAR®, combo edge, is a combat knife, which is based on the design of traditional and time tested combat knives U.S.M.C. The knife is improved by modern materials.

Universal combat knife 

The combination of quality materials and the time tested design makes this knife complete number one in the category of combat knives.The knife comes from Becker Knife & Tool production, which have been dealing with tactical and survival knives since 1980. The knife is very versatile thanks to the combo edge.

The combo edge 

The handle is complemented with leather segments for a stable and comfortable grip. For higher safety, the knife is has a protection, thanks to which you keep your fingers safely away from the blade in any situation. The combo edge makes this knife universal helper for any task. The serrated edge will significantly facilitate the cutting of a variety of materials.

High-quality materials 

The blade is black powdered, thanks to which the knife does not glare in the sun and there are no unwanted reflections. The blade is made of high quality carbon steel (1095). The knife comes with a durable nylon sheath. It has several lanyard holes so it is easily attachable to your equipment. The ideal knife for anyone looking for a traditional combat knife of the new generation!

Benefits you need to know about : 

  • quality workmanship 
  • handle with leather segments 
  • black powder finish 
  • doesn´t glare on the sun 
  • combo edge 
  • durable nylon sheath 
  • universal use 
  • high quality carbon steel 1095
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Buy Fixed Blade USMC Fighting KA-BAR®, combo edge for €  155.4

Important parameters

Blade length
17.8 cm
Handle length
12.4 cm
Total length
30.2 cm
309 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel 1095 Cro-Van
Surface finish of blade / tools
Black unspecified
Material of handle
Material of pouch
Nylon with glass fiber
Blade type
Single bevel
Clip point
Dimensions in detail
Edge angle: 20°
Other specifications
Edge: combined
Blade hardness: 56 HRC - 58 HRC
Double guard on handle
Fuller / blood groove
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