First Tactical® Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Gloves – black
€  60.5
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First Tactical® Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Gloves – black

€ 60.5
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Product code: 150012-M
Warranty period: 2 years

Yet another product from the perfect series of gloves by First Tactical offering unmatched manufacture and use. Thanks to their unique design and manufacture, the gloves are an extraordinary product sought after by people looking for quality protection and complex tactical utilization in combination with light weight and flexibility.

No better product on the market

One of the key features of these gloves is their high degree of protection due to their kevlar lined goat leather palms providing the best protection from cuts possible. In addition to the Level II certificate on protection from cuts, the gloves also feature a Nomex jersey with silicon overprint offering additional flame resistance. Knuckles are protected with top-notch TPR protection, while the finger area is covered with neoprene. This provides a supreme freedom of movement to your hand and figers.

Complex product for any situation

These gloves have no competitor on the market. In addition to the high degree of protection, they also offer a number of practical features that put the spectrum of their capabilities to a whole new level. Each glove has a thumb gusset made of goat leather, which also covers the entire palm. This gives the gloves their anti-slip properties offering a firm grip and recoil control when shooting any type of gun. But the First Tactical development specialists went even further and provided the gloves with non-forensic perforated padding, which together with the perforated fourchettes gives the gloves an unmatched breathability.

Smartphone and tablet vs. gloves? No problem

Thanks to the absence of Kevlar in the finger tip area, which are also covered in leather, the gloves provide maximum sensitivity and are touch screen friendly. This high quality one-of-a-kind product may also be machine washed due to the unique combination of materials. The gloves are highly durable with an outstandingly long service life. Thanks to the velcro closure they adjust to any type of wrist. All in all, these gloves are the most complex and functional product in the glove market ever.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • protective tactical gloves
  • certified product
  • high durability and long service life
  • multifunctional and complex
  • flame resistant
  • touch screen friendly - TouchTac™
  • non-restrictive high quality knuckle protection
  • breathable
  • made from anti-slip materials
  • recoil control
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Buy First Tactical® Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Gloves – black for €  60.5

Important parameters

Natural leather


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