Firebird FH11 Ganzo® Closing Knife

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Product code: FH11-BK
EAN: 6955800406559
Warranty period: 2 years

Universal penknife

Firebird FH11 Ganzo®is a compact elegant and very reliable pocket knife for your outdoorsy activities.But it can also cope with the day-to-day tasks. Advantages include compact dimensions, high resistance and low weight.The knife fits comfortably in your pocket so you can keep it handy at all times.

Quality D2 steel

Precise processing and the quality of the materials used ensures that the knife does not let you down in any situation.The knife is made of quality D2 steel.Often referred to as semi-stainless, it provides excellent wear resistance, high hardness, and relatively high corrosion resistance.The blade has flat selection and is 3.3 millimeters wide, so there is no problem working with hard materials as well.

Reliable blade

The knife blade is in the shape of a drop-point.It is therefore a single-edged blade with a curved edge and back.The blade has an asymmetrical convex tip shape and the curvature drops to the tip of the blade.This blade shape is very popular with closing knives.The drop-point shape makes the knife very versatile to cut almost any material or food.

Modern materials

The knife handle is made of G10 material.It is a composite material that stands out for its resilience and low weight.Another advantage is that it is resistant to rust and external conditions.The handle contains a cutout for fingers for a stable and firm grip in any situation.

Practical design

There is also a good Flipper-Lock for maximum safety during use.The knife can be opened comfortably with one hand using flipper, which allows the blade to open automatically.If you want to close the knife, just press the pin placed in the knife frame. The body of the knife is complemented by a clip for easy attachment to the belt or by the trousers. 

Benefits you need to know about:

  • precise processing
  • universal use
  • ergonomic handle from G10 materials
  • Flipper-Lock 
  • compact dimensions
  • D2 steel 
  • drop-point blade shape 
  • low weight
  • automatic opening with flipper
  • removable clip for attachment
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Important parameters

Blade length
8.7 cm
Length when closed
11.8 cm
Total length
20.5 cm
112 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel D2
Surface finish of blade / tools
Stříbrná - Satin
Material of handle
Safety catch
Liner Lock
Blade type
Single bevel
Drop point
Dimensions in detail
Tloušťka čepele: 3,3 mm
Other specifications
Otevírání: jednoduchý flipper + asistované otevírání
Ostří: rovné
Klip na opasek
Parts of delivery
Látkový úložný sáček


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