FIRE FIGHTER Mil-Tec® combined blade closing knife

The product is not available anymore

The Mil-Tec Fire Fighter is a versatile pocket knife, inspired from an original fire and rescue model.

Sharp blade for every situation

The blade is made of good quality stainless steel and has anti-reflective treatment for maximum material protection and to minimise glare. Tanto shape pierces reliably and without tip damage even thicker materials.The front of the blade is smooth, followed by a serrated portion, which is suitable for cutting fibrous materials, such as seatbelts, ropes, clothing, or vegetation.

Ready for action

Slide the knife out smoothly and quickly with one hand using a flipper that comes out of the back of the handle or a stud on the blade.Just press lightly with your thumb and the knife slides smoothly out and fixes with Liner-lock against spontaneous folding. An anatomically shaped handle with relief holes ensures a firm grip and a groove for the fingers prevents their slip on the edge.At the end, you'll find a removable steel clip to hang a knife to your belt, or attach to your equipment.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • replica of a US Fire Fighters knife
  • stainless steel blade
  • partially serrated blade
  • liner lock
  • tanto shape for improved penetration
  • nylon handle 
  • firm and safe grip 
  • removable clip for attachment 
  • anti-reflective coating 
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