Fenix® rechargeable lamp CL26R / 400 lm

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Product code: CL26R-BLACK
EAN: 6942870306216
Warranty period: 2 years

The CL26R portable rechargeable lantern from the renowned company Fenix will please you with its versatility, long battery life and durable construction, thanks to which you can take it with you not only to the campsite.

Long lasting and perfect luminosity

The portable rechargeable lamp will surprise you with its extra long life. If you happen to run out of battery, you simply charge it via the USB connector. You will also be pleased with the perfect brightness, which you will appreciate not only when staying in nature, but also anywhere else.

Durable construction and energy saving mode

The lamp is made of durable construction, which you will appreciate especially when used in harsher conditions. The option of a battery saving mode, which is used to extend the life of the lantern, will also come in handy.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • long endurance
  • durable construction
  • charging via USB connector
  • perfect brightness
  • battery saving mode
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Measured according to ANSI FL 1 standard in laboratory conditions, using rechargeable Li-ion battery 18650 2 600 mAh (ARB-L18-2600 Fenix), at temperature of 21 °C (+/- 3 °C) and humidity of 50 % to 80 %. Values may vary depending on ambient conditions, on way flashlight is used, or when other batteries are used.

Mode Luminous flux (lm) Runtime for one full charge
Low - white light 40 30 h
Medium - white light 150 15 h
High - white light
400 5 h
Front - white light 25 58 h
Down 1 - white light 3 240 h
Down 2 - white light 25 58 h
Red light 1 200 h
Flashing - red light 1 400 h

Important parameters

Total length
9.7 cm
Number of modes
25 m
Types of batteries / accumulators
2x 3 V CR123A battery or 1x 18650 rechargeable battery, USB charging via micro USB port
Dimensions in detail
Body diameter: 4,9 cm
Weight in detail
Without battery: 116 g
Including battery: 165 g
Other specifications
LEDs type: SMD
White light temperature: 5 500 K - 6 500 K
Illuminated space - multiple directional diffuser, wide balanced beam, range up to 25 m
Control: switch in lantern lower part
Unique heat distribution prevents overheating
Reverse polarity protection (incorrect battery insertion)
Battery status indicator and low voltage warning (indicator adapted to 18650 rechargeable battery)
Protection: IP66 (dustproof, withstands heavy rain)
Freeze resistant design, battery is well insulated against low temperatures - lantern can be used even at temperatures below zero
Impact resistance: up to 1 m
Rigid and durable, withstands great pressure (can withstand 1,2 t of car rolled over)
Hanging eye / carabiner, magnet for fixing to iron surface, thread for mounting to tripod
Parts of delivery
Lantern / flashlight
1x 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery 2 600 mAh 3,6 V (ARB-L18-2600 Fenix®)
Charging cable with micro USB connector
1x spare "o" ring
Key ring / key chain with carabiner


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